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Drop Date: 14/11/2023

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Brand: 9060

RRP: £ 160.00

Colourway: Grey Matter December Sky

Style Code: U9060GM

The New Balance 9060 “Grey Matter December Sky” U9060GM is here, blending the best of old-school charm and modern flair. As the newest member of the celebrated 99X series, it’s a shining example of New Balance’s dedication to sleek, forward-thinking design.


Let’s dive into what makes this sneaker special. The upper part of the 9060 “Grey Matter” is alive with movement, thanks to its expanded sway bars, a cool throwback to the 990 model. These bars are spread out across the shoe, giving it a unique, lively look. The upper mixes mesh and top-notch pigskin suede, striking a perfect balance between airy comfort and a touch of luxury.


The heart of the shoe is its dual-density midsole. It’s a subtle nod to the 99X legacy, packed with ABZORB and SBS cushioning. This combo delivers a sweet spot of softness and firm support, making every step feel just right. The design draws inspiration from the 2000s, with its wavy lines and big shapes, especially in the sculpted midsole that highlights the sneaker’s plush cushioning.


The tongue sports a logo inspired by the 991 model’s lace jewel, linking the shoe to New Balance’s rich history. At the heel, there’s a see-through CR device that adds both style and stability. And let’s not forget the outsole – its diamond pattern isn’t just for looks. It’s built to last and keep you grounded, whether you’re on the move or just showing off your kicks.



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