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Drop Date: 19/01/2024

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Style: 991

RRP: £ 200

Colourway: Delicioso

Style Code: M991BGC

The ‘Finale’ edition of the New Balance MADE in UK 991v1 is offered in two distinct colorways, each telling a unique story of style and refinement. One variant features dark brown overlays, exuding a timeless and classic appeal. The other option presents a lighter tan shade, offering a more contemporary and versatile look.


The New Balance MADE in UK 991v1 ‘Finale’ retains the classic ABZORB midsole, a hallmark of New Balance’s commitment to superior cushioning and comfort. This midsole technology ensures a smooth and supportive ride, making the sneaker suitable for a range of activities.


Adding a touch of sophistication, the MADE in UK 991v1 ‘Finale’ features an embroidered tongue, showcasing attention to detail and craftsmanship. This subtle element enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the sneaker.


For a modern and functional touch, reflective accents are incorporated into the design. Not only do these accents add a contemporary flair, but they also enhance visibility in low-light conditions, combining style with safety.


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