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Drop Date: 20/09/2023

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Brand: Air Force 1

RRP: £ 129

Colourway: Cargo Khaki/Ale Brown/Vivid Sulfur

Style Code: FV4459-330

The Nike Air Force 1 Low “Winterized” FV4459-330 is a sturdy sneaker built for winter. It features a unique, removable cover in olive green, made to keep your feet dry and warm. This cover is decked out with a big Swoosh logo and a mountain design, in brown and green. It also has teal and mustard highlights, adding a bit of colour to the mix. The cover is easy to take off and put on, thanks to a black toggle cord.


Underneath this cover, the sneaker itself has a cool look. It’s fitted with black hooks to attach the cover securely. The shoe’s colours are a mix of olive, mustard, and a golden brown, creating a nice contrast with the white midsole. The upper part of the shoe uses Cargo Khaki and Ale Brown colours, with Vivid Sulfur accents on the laces and inside. Clear Jade adds some brightness to the insoles and back of the shoe.


The sneaker has a strong Gum rubber sole, giving good grip and durability for winter walks. It’s perfect for sneaker fans who want to stay comfortable and trendy during the cold season.


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