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Drop Date: 16/12/2022

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Brand: Air Max 90

RRP: £ 145

Colourway: White/White/White/White

Style Code: DQ3987-101

Introducing the highly sought-after Nike Air Max Terrascape 90 “Triple White” DQ3987-101 sneakers. These shoes flawlessly combine contemporary design with the renowned comfort and style associated with the Air Max legacy. Boasting an eye-catching appearance and exceptional comfort, these sneakers truly stand out as something extraordinary.


The Air Max Terrascape 90 proudly carries forward Nike’s iconic ‘Air Max’ lineage. The “90” in its name pays homage to the year of its inception, underlining its significant role in the realm of fashion. The shoe’s distinct silhouette is instantly recognizable among footwear enthusiasts.


Presented in a timeless white and grey colour palette, these sneakers exude an air of sophistication. The white foundation allows the design to take center stage, while grey accents lend an element of refinement. This harmonious colour combination underscores Nike’s unparalleled ability to elevate simplicity into a spectacle of beauty.


Nike’s imaginative team has infused distinctive elements into the Air Max Terrascape 90’s design. Crafted from lightweight materials, the upper portion features a deconstructed Swoosh logo that adds both flair and sustainability. Notably, the lacing system incorporates a cleverly integrated zipper, imparting an extra touch of uniqueness. These elements highlight Nike’s innovative approach to design.


Prioritizing comfort, the outsole boasts Air cushioning for a luxuriously soft sensation while walking. The sole proudly displays the iconic ‘Air’ branding and is constructed from durable rubber, ensuring exceptional grip. This renders the sneakers perfect companions for strolls through the city or countryside.


From sneaker enthusiasts to aficionados of sporty fashion, the Nike Air Max Terrascape 90 “Triple White” DQ3987-101 has enjoyed immense popularity since its debut. Seamlessly melding history-inspired design, chic colouration, and distinctive elements, these shoes transcend their utilitarian purpose to make a profound style statement.




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