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Drop Date: 16/06/2023

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Brand: Air Max Plus

RRP: £ 184.95

Colourway: Oil Green/Medium Olive/Black/Black

Style Code: DV7513-301

In the realm of sporty fashion, the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus “Medium Olive” DV7513-301 stands as a pinnacle of stylish and functional footwear. Beyond being just a shoe, it signifies the convergence of Nike’s commitment to both sustainable design and cutting-edge aesthetics. Wondering what makes the Terrascape Plus special? Keep reading to uncover the buzz.


The Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus in Medium Olive DV7513-301 instantly captures attention with its sturdy yet understated design. The silhouette, combining chunkiness with sleekness, pays homage to the iconic Air Max lineage that has shaped sneaker history since the 1990s. This distinct design possesses the remarkable ability to bridge the gap between sporty and fashion-forward, embodying the spirit of its era.


Let’s talk colour – Medium Olive embraces earthy tones, a nod to the natural world. Blending deep green hues with hints of beige and white, it’s as though each pair embodies the very colours of our landscapes. The outcome is a sneaker that feels simultaneously modern and grounded, achieving a harmonious balance between blending in and standing out.


Yet, aesthetics are just the beginning; this sneaker boasts features setting it apart from ordinary kicks. Its upper showcases Nike’s dedication to sustainability, constructed from Crater foam and Nike Grind rubber, materials derived from the brand’s own factory waste. With this shoe, you’re not only making a stylish choice but an eco-conscious one – a true win-win scenario.


What truly distinguishes the Terrascape Plus is its underfoot components – the heart and sole of the shoe. The outsole is an artistic masterpiece, with distinctive grooves that provide impeccable grip and integrated Nike Air technology for unparalleled cushioning and responsiveness. Every step, whether walking, running, or casually strolling, becomes an experience of comfort and support.


To sum up, the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus Medium Olive DV7513-301 pays homage to the past, celebrates the present, and offers a glimpse into a more sustainable future for sneaker design. With its eco-friendly construction, captivating colour palette, and an exceptionally comfortable and innovative outsole, these shoes are essential for sneaker enthusiasts.


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