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Drop Date: 01/02/2024

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Style: Downshifter 13

RRP: £ 64.99

Colourway: White

Style Code: FD6476-101

The Nike Downshifter 13 takes a step towards a more sustainable future with its outsole crafted from at least 15% Nike Grind material. Derived from scraps from the footwear-manufacturing process, Nike Grind not only reduces waste but also adds an eco-friendly element to the shoe. This sustainable choice reflects Nike’s commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility, ensuring that each stride makes a positive impact.


Runners know the importance of breathable footwear, and the Nike Downshifter 13 delivers on this front with a soft and comfortable mesh upper. The breathable mesh not only provides optimal airflow but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable running experience. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by overheating feet and hello to a shoe that keeps you cool and focused on your goals.


The Nike Downshifter 13 goes beyond style and sustainability by offering updated features that enhance support and security. The internal fit band has been revamped to provide containment around the mid-foot, offering a secure and supportive feel. This means that every step you take is backed by stability, allowing you to confidently navigate any terrain and pursue your running goals with determination.


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