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Drop Date: 21/12/2023

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Style: Gamma Force

RRP: £ 89.99

Colourway: Grey

Style Code: DX9176-108

At the core of the Nike Gamma Force lies a captivating blend of materials, forming a multi-dimensional aesthetic that immediately captivates the eye. The combination of leather, suede, and mesh layers constructs a durable and stylish exterior, paying homage to vintage sportswear while encapsulating the modern essence of Nike’s design philosophy.


The Nike Gamma Force transcends being merely a stylish pair of shoes; it serves as a homage to the illustrious heritage of basketball culture. The thoughtfully chosen collar materials pay homage to vintage sportswear, creating a seamless connection between the past and the present. This infusion of heritage adds an authentic layer to the shoes, transforming them into a symbol of timeless style inspired by the iconic basketball courts that have played a pivotal role in shaping both sports and fashion.


A standout feature of the Nike Gamma Force is its subtle platform lift, designed to provide wearers with just the right amount of height. This elevating touch not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also offers a practical boost, making the shoes suitable for various occasions.


Beyond style and heritage, Nike showcases its commitment to sustainability with the Gamma Force. The speckled Nike Grind rubber outsole is more than a visual highlight; it incorporates at least 5% recycled content. This eco-friendly approach aligns seamlessly with the increasing demand for environmentally conscious products, allowing consumers to make a positive impact with each step they take.


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