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Drop Date: 24/11/2023

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Brand: ISPA Mindbody

RRP: £ 179.99

Colourway: Black/Anthracite/Sail

Style Code: DH7546-003

Let’s delve into the Nike ISPA Mindbody “Black” DH7546-003, an intriguing addition to the ISPA lineup that exemplifies Nike’s commitment to pushing design boundaries. This silhouette embodies the distinct and unconventional aesthetics that define Nike’s experimental sub-label.


Crafted from Flyknit material, the ISPA Mindbody draws inspiration from the Japanese art form of Suminagashi. However, it takes a bold step into uncharted territory with its entirely black composition, extending seamlessly from toe to heel, creating a striking and futuristic appearance.


What truly sets this sneaker apart is its singular cording system, which serves as the backbone of its structure. The all-black theme extends seamlessly from the upper to the sole, resulting in a cohesive monochromatic look. Even the midsole, with its design reminiscent of flotation devices, complements the ink-black upper. The sporadic “Anthracite” stitching on the mid-foot’s coding system provides the sole contrast.


But the Nike ISPA Mindbody offers more than just aesthetics; it redefines comfort. The plush midsole, combined with the airy Flyknit upper crafted from recycled yarns, creates an inviting haven for your feet. Breaking from tradition, there’s no conventional insole; instead, lofted Flyknit underfoot provides a delightful sensation, making every step a pleasure.


In the design realm, this sneaker adopts a colour palette of Black, Anthracite, and Sail. The recycled yarn Flyknit upper not only showcases environmental consciousness but also offers impressive durability. Additional features include a reinforced toe cap and a secure cord-lock lacing system. The foam midsole, infused with Flyknit material, replaces the traditional sockliner, enhancing overall comfort. To top it off, a robust rubber outsole ensures both traction and durability.


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