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Drop Date: 19/04/2024

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Style: Ja 1

RRP: £ 109.99

Colourway: Bright Mandarin/Vapour Green/Light Armoury Blue/Multi-Colour

Style Code: FQ4796-800

The Nike Ja 1 “Mismatched” FQ4796-800 pays tribute to NBA superstar Ja Morant’s journey from practising on uneven rims in South Carolina to achieving professional basketball fame. This sneaker captures the essence of his intense training and distinctive persona, noticeable both on and off the court. Designed to boost athletic performance, the Ja 1 features a forefoot Air Zoom unit that delivers explosive responsiveness and vertical acceleration, echoing Ja’s dynamic playstyle. This technology allows players to execute high-flying dunks and swift movements with precision, just as Ja does.


The design of the Ja 1 prioritises comfort. It includes generous cushioning in the midsole to soften each landing during high-intensity play, essential for competitive matches. The sneaker also incorporates a containment system and a forefoot strap to secure the ankle and heel, providing stability and control during rapid directional changes and defensive actions. The upper, made from lightweight materials, maintains breathability, and a raised foam collar enhances ankle support.


Visually, the “Mismatched” edition stands out with a vibrant mix of Bright Mandarin, Vapor Green, and Light Armoury Blue, adorned with patterns that resemble pool tiles, hinting at Ja’s relaxed moments off the court. Personal details such as Ja’s signature, logo, and jersey number, all in his handwriting, give each pair a unique touch. These trainers reflect Ja Morant’s ascent from humble beginnings to basketball stardom and connect wearers with his character and achievements, designed for those who value ongoing improvement and a distinct identity in their footwear.


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