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Drop Date: 16/12/2023

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Brand: Lunar Roam

RRP: £ 149.99

Colourway: Alabaster/Black/Lemon Drop/Green Abyss/Saturn Gold

Style Code: DV2440-700

Meet the Nike Lunar Roam “Alabaster” DV2440-700, the latest stride in sneaker innovation. This sneaker stands out as a testament to Nike’s dedication to both high-quality performance and sleek design. It’s the kind of shoe that any sneaker enthusiast would be proud to have in their collection.


The design catches your eye with its “Alabaster” engineered mesh base. This inviting, warm cream colour contrasts sharply with the “Green Abyss” details on the mid-foot and heel, along with jet-black lines and the iconic Nike swoosh. The look is a nod to Y2K style, featuring symmetrical dark grey TPU mudguards at the forefoot that balance out the upper part of the sneaker.


The shoe’s Lunarlon midsole, a key feature of Nike’s design, stands out in bright “Lemon Drop”, while the heel splits into a “Saturn Gold” finish. This vibrant colour play isn’t just for looks – it also underscores the sneaker’s advanced cushioning capabilities.


However, the Nike Lunar Roam is more than just a style icon. Its design is heavily influenced by Lunar technology from the 2000s, focusing on delivering peak performance. The mesh upper promotes airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable, no matter how intense your activity. And with TPU reinforcements, these sneakers are built to last.


The inclusion of Magwire technology in the midfoot and heel ensures a snug, secure fit, adapting to different levels of activity. Inside the shoe, the substantial Lunar foam sole provides top-notch cushioning, making every step feel smooth and effortless.


Performance-wise, the Lunar Roam is a powerhouse. The Lunar foam sole is paired with a tough rubber outsole for unmatched traction across various terrains. Whether you’re in the city or off the beaten path, these sneakers have got you covered.


In conclusion, the Nike Lunar Roam “Alabaster” DV2440-700 is more than just footwear. It’s a perfect blend of artistic design and practical engineering, offering unbeatable style, comfort, and performance. It’s a must-have for sneaker lovers, a true fusion of art and function.


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