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Drop Date: 10/01/2024

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Style: Nike

RRP: £ 69.99

Colourway: Green

Style Code: DD9535-103

The Nike Precision 6 is a low-top masterpiece tailored for the agile player. From the plush collar to the modified herringbone traction, every element is meticulously crafted to enhance quick movements, ensuring players can seamlessly shift speeds and change directions without compromising control.


The foundation of the Nike Precision 6 is built on all-game comfort. Plush foam envelops the collar and tongue, delivering a superior level of comfort around the ankle and over the top of the foot. These strategic comfort zones eliminate distractions, allowing players to focus entirely on their performance.


A sculpted foam midsole serves as the heartbeat of the Precision 6. This specialized midsole not only feels soft underfoot but also provides the necessary support for the relentless and non-stop movements inherent to the game of basketball. The result is a shoe that enhances both speed and stability.


The Nike Precision 6 boasts a modified herringbone traction pattern, a game-changer for players relying on quickness and cutting ability. The multi-directional grip is finely tuned to respond to the nuances of fast-paced plays. Rubber wrapping up the sides in the forefoot ensures optimal traction, especially during those decisive moments on the court.


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