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Drop Date: 06/07/2023

4 / 5 1 VOTES

Style: React Vision

RRP: £ 129.95

Colourway: Smoke Grey/Bright Mandarin/Medium Ash/Black

Style Code: FN7812-001

Embark on a journey of unmatched style and surreal comfort with the Nike React Vision “Multi-Swoosh Grey”. No matter where your explorations take you, this shoe is ready to accompany you with its distinctive design and exceptional comfort. Drawing inspiration from the imaginative and exaggerated world of dreams, the React Vision combines layered textures and playful shapes for a captivating appearance that stands out.


Revel in the dream-like cushioning provided by the Nike React foam and padded tongue, making each step feel like a surreal adventure, whether in reality or the realm of imagination. The design showcases micro-detailing, elongated proportions, and multiple textures, all contributing to its unforgettable and imaginative look.


With the React foam and soft rubber outsole, you can enjoy lasting comfort from the heel to the toe, ensuring each stride is supported and cushioned. The padded tongue adds an extra layer of comfort, while the plastic heel clip not only secures the heel but also provides structure and balance.


The product details include convenient heel and tongue pull tabs for easy wearing and foam in the midsole for additional comfort. The color combination of Smoke Grey, Bright Mandarin, Medium Ash, and Black adds a touch of vibrancy to your style. The style number for this extraordinary shoe is FN7812-001, designed to complement your adventurous spirit. Embrace a fusion of style and comfort with the Nike React Vision Multi-Swoosh Grey, as it accompanies you on all your adventures.





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