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Drop Date: 29/09/2023

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Brand: RTFKT Cryptokicks IRL

RRP: £ 472

Colourway: Black / Black-Indigo Burst

Style Code: FJ3883-103

Introducing Nike’s RTFKT Cryptokicks iRL Space Matter (FJ3883-103), a groundbreaking fusion of digital and physical style that’s poised to capture everyone’s attention. This innovative design seamlessly blends the virtual and real worlds, making it a contemporary sensation.


Nike’s latest RTFKT Cryptokicks iRL Space Matter fulfills the dreams of sneaker enthusiasts with its revolutionary design that merges reality and the virtual realm. This silhouette draws inspiration from the cosmos, featuring a captivating “Space Matter” theme characterized by galactic blues, purples, and blacks.


RTFKT Cryptokicks has disrupted the sneaker industry, transitioning from a digital concept to a must-have physical sneaker. Its popularity stems from its ability to blur the lines between the virtual and real, a feature perfectly embodied by the iRL Space Matter edition.


The unique colour scheme transports the cosmos to our feet, showcasing an outer space-inspired appearance. The upper portion displays deep blues and purples reminiscent of galaxies, which contrast beautifully with pristine white panels for a striking effect.


In addition to its visual appeal, the iRL Space Matter stands out due to its lightweight durability, making it ideal for our fast-paced lives. Crafted with premium materials, it offers a snug fit for unparalleled comfort and support.


The attention to detail extends to the outsole, featuring Nike’s signature Air midsole, creating a sensation of walking on air that mirrors the “Space Matter” theme. The outsole incorporates a design inspired by space matter, ensuring that every step carries a piece of the cosmos.


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