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Drop Date: 12/01/2024

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Style: Nike

RRP: £ 79.99

Colourway: Brown

Style Code: DR9114-101

The Nike SB Pogo stands out for its canvas and leather upper, ensuring a fit that feels broken in from the first wear. As you skate, the materials break in beautifully and conform to the unique contours of your foot, providing optimal performance without the need for an extended break-in period. This feature not only enhances comfort but also contributes to the distinctive aesthetics of the shoe.


Skateboarding demands a lot from your footwear, and the Nike SB Pogo rises to the occasion with its raised taping and reinforced toe area. These design elements not only contribute to the durability of the shoe but also play a crucial role in providing excellent board control. The raised taping enhances grip, ensuring that every flick and movement is met with precise responsiveness.


The inclusion of a Zoom Air unit in the Nike SB Pogo takes the skateboarding experience to new heights. This responsive cushioning technology provides a level of comfort and shock absorption that is essential for absorbing impact during landings and maintaining optimal board feel. Whether you’re hitting ramps or navigating urban landscapes, the Zoom Air unit ensures a smooth and responsive ride.


The Nike SB Pogo boasts vulcanized construction, a technique that fuses the outsole to the upper. This process not only enhances the overall durability of the shoe but also creates a flexible and broken-in feel. The result is a skateboarding shoe that adapts to the natural movements of your feet, providing the freedom and flexibility necessary for executing tricks with precision.


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