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Drop Date: 27/07/2023

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Style: ZoomX Ultrafly

RRP: £ 250

Colourway: White / Total Orange / Pale Ivory / Black

Style Code: DX1978-100

The Nike ZoomX Ultrafly Trail Prototype in Pale Ivory Total Orange is a trail running shoe designed to deliver peak performance, sleek speed, and endurance for off-road racing enthusiasts.


Equipped with Nike’s innovative ZoomX cushioning technology, known for its ultra-responsive and energy-returning properties, this shoe provides runners with enhanced comfort and support during their trail runs. The combination of Pale Ivory and Total Orange colors gives the shoe a stylish and eye-catching appearance.


Specifically tailored for off-road racing, the Ultrafly Trail Prototype is perfect for those who enjoy running on rugged terrains, trails, and uneven surfaces. Its durable construction and advanced cushioning system make it an ideal choice for long-distance runs and high-intensity workouts on challenging trails.


Nike released this shoe as part of their Trail collection, catering to athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who seek high-performance footwear for off-road adventures. The Ultrafly Trail Prototype gained attention for its innovative design and the incorporation of Nike’s cutting-edge technology into a trail-specific running shoe.

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