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Drop Date: 18/09/2023

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Style: Cloud 5

RRP: £ 130

Colourway: Glacier / Reseda

Style Code: 59-98891

The On Running Cloud 5 Glacier Reseda 59-98891 is a versatile running shoe known for its exceptional comfort, style, and high-performance capabilities. Inspired by On Running’s tradition of innovative footwear, it has rapidly gained global recognition in both athletic and fashion-conscious circles.


The design philosophy of the Cloud 5 in Glacier Reseda embodies a combination of intelligence and functionality, making it suitable for demanding marathons and daily activities alike. Its sleek design and the striking Glacier Reseda color scheme create a unique visual identity, blending elegance with the tranquility of natural surroundings.


Since its inception, the Cloud 5 silhouette has enjoyed a remarkable journey, thanks to its lightweight feel and exceptional responsiveness. It seamlessly integrates into modern street fashion while retaining its core functionality for strenuous workouts.


The Glacier Grey upper radiates serenity, while the Reseda Green accents infuse a vibrant burst of color reminiscent of lush landscapes. This distinctive color palette showcases the Cloud 5’s adaptability, bridging the gap between outdoor exploration and urban sophistication.


A key feature of the On Running Cloud 5 is the proprietary CloudTec technology in the sole, delivering a sensation akin to “running on clouds” and offering outstanding cushioning to reduce joint impact. The breathable mesh upper enhances ventilation while maintaining the shoe’s lightweight construction.


The outsole is designed to respond to your movements, with individual “cloud” pods flexing and locking according to your stride. Durable rubber reinforcements provide exceptional grip, making the Cloud 5 suitable for diverse terrains, from city streets to park trails.


In summary, the Cloud 5 Glacier Reseda combines a soothing color palette, responsive design, and a perfect blend of comfort and style. It caters to active runners, trend-conscious individuals, and those seeking a harmonious fusion of fashion and functionality in their footwear. Whether you’re running marathons or navigating urban streets, these shoes deliver on all fronts.



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