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Drop Date: 16/09/2023

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Style: Cloud 5

RRP: £ 150

Colourway: All Black

Style Code: 59-98842

The buzz around the newest On Running Cloud 5 Waterproof “All Black” 59-98842 is undeniably immense. Known not just for its versatile style but for its fusion of performance-enhancing features and unmatched comfort, it’s easy to see why this silhouette has been drawing attention from corner to corner of the sneaker world.


Taking a closer look, you’ll notice the shoe involves an all-black design that is a true standout in the Cloud line-up. Looking to create an aura of confidence, the stealthy hue is a nod to the sleekness the brand is celebrated for. From heel to toe, this pair effortlessly combines style with efficacy, making it an obvious choice.


This On Running’s Cloud series sneaker has increasingly come under the radar since its debut, thanks to its distinctive and innovative design. The silhouette has gained an obsessive following with a steady release of innovative, attractive designs.


The Cloud 5 employs an all-black colour scheme that enhances its enigmatic allure, making it truly deserving of its ‘all-black’ moniker. Its sleek dark hues give it a mysterious, rugged appeal that pairs well with the waterproof features, dare I say, it’s definitely a head-turner.


The shoe is not just a beauty to behold but it also comes with unique features that cause many to clamour for a pair. Boasting a full waterproof mesh upper, it promises to keep your feet dry, come rain or shine. Even under a waterfall, rest assured your feet will remain as dry as the Sahara desert (yes, it’s that good!).


Down under, the outsoles are where the real magic happens. Fitted with the latest CloudTec cushioning, it translates to unbeatable comfort, whether you’re on a light jog down the block or a half marathon. Accompanied by the Speedboard, it encapsulates raw energy and releases it as you push off, giving you that extra zip and zing.


In essence, the On Running Cloud 5 Waterproof All Black is far more than just another running shoe. Crafted from top-tier materials, it delivers premium comfort and performance, justifying that immense hype. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just getting started, these are a solid choice, promising to both meet your expectations and elevate your sneaker game. So, the question is, will you be adding these beauties to your rotation?



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