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Drop Date: 17/04/2024

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Style: Clog

RRP: £ 115

Colourway: Bone/Multi

Style Code: 209691-2Y3

The Pringles X Crocs Classic Crush Boot “Bone” 209691-2Y3 marks a distinctive collaboration that combines playful snack-inspired elements with Crocs’ renowned comfort and practicality. This partnership yields a boot that stands out for both its functionality and its unique design features.


The boot showcases a platform sole with a crisp-shaped ridged moulding that extends over the heel, reminiscent of Pringles’ iconic chip texture. It includes a soft neoprene cuff at the top, which can be worn up in a muted bone colour or folded over to reveal a vibrant red adorned with the Pringles logo, adding a dynamic element to its appearance.


Functionality pairs with playful design through custom holsters specifically designed to hold a mini Pringles can and a smaller pouch for additional accessories. These features enhance the boot’s utility while infusing it with a fun character.


Constructed from Croslite™ material, the boots are lightweight yet offer substantial comfort and are waterproof, making them suitable for a variety of weather conditions. The design features an easy-to-wear shaft and a unique 2-inch heel that balances comfort with aesthetic appeal.


Each pair also comes with a mini-can of the exclusive Croc-tail Party flavour, adding a snack-themed twist to the purchase. Furthermore, the boots support personalisation with Jibbitz™ charms.


Overall, the Pringles X Crocs Classic Crush Boot “Bone” effectively merges quirky design with practical features, creating footwear that is both functional and visually intriguing. Suitable for wet weather or casual wear, these boots provide comfort and a touch of whimsical flair.


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