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Drop Date: 29/07/2023

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Style: Fuse

RRP: £ 100

Colourway: Black/Red/Orange

Style Code: 378818-01

Introducing the Puma Fuse 2.0 “Forged” 378818-01, the latest evolution in the Fuse series, inspired by athlete feedback and insights from the running community. This upgraded version builds on the core principles of fit, stability, and support to enhance your athletic performance. These track-ready sneakers feature a durable no-sew construction for a secure fit and boast the innovative PUMAGRIP rubber outsole, ensuring excellent traction on any surface. The lightweight PROFOAM EVA midsole not only cushions your landings but also propels your next stride. This means you’ll experience a smooth transition from one step to the next, giving you the edge in your running endeavors.


Moreover, the FUSEFLEX vertical grooves integrated into the design improve foot comfort and agility by allowing for better metatarsal foot splay. This means your feet can move more naturally, enhancing your overall running experience. With an internal midsole designed to absorb shocks close to the ground and a secure heel clip, the Fuse 2.0 “Forged” offers both performance and protection, making it an ideal choice for dedicated runners looking to push their limits. It’s engineered to take your sports performance to new heights, ensuring you can step up your game and experience continuous progress with the Fuse 2.0. Don’t settle for less; elevate your running journey with these cutting-edge sneakers.



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