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Drop Date: 05/08/2023

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Style: Palermo

RRP: £ 90

Colourway: Light Mint/Orchid Shadow/Gum

Style Code: 383011-07

When you initially lay your eyes upon the Puma Palermo OG “Light Mint Orchid” 383011_07, it may come across as just another sports shoe. Yet, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly realize it encompasses far more than that. These sneakers blend modern technology with old-school style, igniting enthusiasm among sneaker aficionados.


The Palermo OG draws inspiration from Puma’s classic sports shoes of the 1980s, radiating a trendy retro aura while providing exceptional comfort. People are drawn to these shoes because they evoke memories of an era when both style and practicality held significant importance.


Let’s delve into the intricacies of the design. The colours leave a lasting impression with their subtlety and easy memorability. The “Light Mint Orchid” hue resembles a delicate pastel, with the shoe’s primary section featuring a soothing light green shade. Additionally, a strip along the side boasts a pinkish-purple hue reminiscent of an Orchid.


Beyond its colour palette, the Palermo OG Light Mint Orchid boasts uniqueness in various other aspects. The upper portion integrates a sophisticated blend of mesh and suede, harmoniously melding to create an aesthetically pleasing combination. Notably, Puma’s distinctive symbols, such as the “PUMA No.2” adorning the sides and the iconic cat logo embellishing the tongue and rear, further enhance its appeal.


The shoe’s sole also holds captivating attributes. The specialized rubber utilized in its construction draws inspiration from earlier shoe designs, ensuring optimal grip and durability. Furthermore, the sole’s pattern enhances traction, safeguarding against slips—making it ideal for traversing the city streets or even dancing with confidence.


Hence, the Puma Palermo OG Light Mint Orchid transcends the realm of ordinary footwear. Instead, it artfully amalgamates vintage and contemporary styles, making it a captivating addition to your sneaker collection, especially if you have an affinity for Puma’s brand and distinctive designs.


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