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Drop Date: 21/02/2021

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Style: New Balance

RRP: £ 90

Colourway: Brown/Green

Style Code: NM1010TR

The Tiago Lemos x New Balance Numeric 1010 “Brown” NM1010TR, as the debut signature model for Tiago Lemos, fuses elements from the ’90s with contemporary skate shoe advancements. The design prioritizes a suede and mesh upper to strike a balance between enduring wear and essential ventilation for skateboarding activities.


Central to its appeal, the FuelCell foam midsole elevates the shoe with unmatched comfort and a lively feel, essential for enhancing skateboarding performance. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking for supportive yet dynamic cushioning to aid in their skating endeavors.


To complement its functional aspects, the shoe employs no-sew overlays that not only refine its aesthetic but also minimize potential discomfort, ensuring a smoother experience. The durable rubber cup outsole is another critical feature, crafted to resist the rigorous demands of skateboarding, thus extending the shoe’s lifespan.


Additionally, the lace closure system allows for a tailored fit, securing the foot comfortably during various skateboarding movements. This collaboration between Tiago Lemos and New Balance Numeric emerges as an ideal choice for individuals seeking a skate shoe that seamlessly blends performance-driven features with a homage to the enduring legacy of skate culture


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