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Drop Date: 14/10/2023

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Style: Knu-Skool

RRP: £ 75.00

Colourway: Brown

Style Code: VN0009QCNWH1

The Vans Knu-Skool “Brown” VN0009QCNWH1 revisits the 1990s, re-introducing a silhouette that gained popularity within the skateboarding community and left a lasting impression on broader pop culture. This particular model stands out with its chestnut suede uppers, providing both durability and a rustic appearance. An innovative update to the Sidestripe, rendered in 3D leather, adds a distinctive touch to the classic design, blending tradition with modern enhancements.


Attention to comfort is evident in the design, with a low padded collar and a puffy tongue to ensure cushioning. Such features make the sneaker suitable for extended wear, whether engaging in skateboarding activities or navigating everyday pavements. The emphasis on comfort, coupled with the shoe’s robust construction, speaks to the demands of its wearers for both functionality and endurance.


The rubber outsole of the Vans Knu-Skool “Brown” features the brand’s signature waffled tread, designed to offer excellent grip on various surfaces, from grip-tape to weathered pavements. This focus on practicality is further supported by the shoe’s leather upper and synthetic sole, ensuring the sneaker’s longevity and adaptability to different environments. This model successfully marries elements of its 1990s heritage with practical updates for today’s wearers, making it a worthy addition to any collection.


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