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Drop Date: 15/05/2024

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Style: Air Zoom GT Hustle 2

RRP: £ 184.99

Colourway: Apple Green/Black

Style Code: FZ7309-900

Victor Wembanyama, with his extraordinary talent and towering stature, seems almost otherworldly, like a character straight out of a science fiction tale. His prowess on the basketball court is nothing short of legendary, as if he’s brought his skills from another realm. Just as Wembanyama showcases his uniqueness on the court, the GT Hustle 2 encourages everyone to embrace their individuality every day.


Drawing inspiration from Wembanyama’s “Alien” nickname, the design of the GT Hustle 2 features a striking chrome alien motif on the heel. The matching Swoosh pays homage to his love for spacecraft, reminiscent of those seen in his favourite film. With extraterrestrial tones and galactic greens, these sneakers are bound to turn heads and captivate attention both on and off the court.


In addition to their eye-catching design, the GT Hustle 2 boasts practical features for peak performance. The glow-in-the-dark outsole not only adds to the space-like aesthetic but also enhances visibility and adds a touch of flair to your game. So, lace up your GT Hustle 2, focus on dominating the competition, and let your unique talents shine through, just like Wembanyama himself.


The colourway for these remarkable sneakers is Apple Green/Black, further enhancing their futuristic and otherworldly appeal.


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