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Drop Date: 29/01/2024

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Brand: Asics

RRP: £ 180.00

Colourway: Lite Show/Illuminate Green

Style Code: 1012B636-300

Introducing the WMNS Asics Gel Kayano 30 “Lite Show” 1012B636-300, the latest advancement in Asics’ premier stability running shoe line. This model is meticulously engineered for runners seeking both exceptional support and unparalleled comfort, integrating state-of-the-art technologies to elevate performance and endurance.


At the core of the Gel Kayano 30 “Lite Show” lies the revolutionary 4D Guidance System™ Technology, a feature designed to provide adaptive stability, ensuring a steady and secure stride throughout your run. Coupled with the introduction of PureGEL™ Technology, the shoe offers enhanced softness and shock absorption, effectively reducing the impact on joints for a more comfortable and smoother running experience. Additionally, the inclusion of FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO Foam presents a dual benefit of softer landings and energised cushioning, particularly beneficial for runs on harder surfaces, while also demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.


This iteration of the Gel Kayano series is the culmination of extensive research and development carried out at the Asics Institute of Sports Science in Japan. The shoe not only showcases a balance between advanced stability mechanisms and superior comfort but also represents Asics’ dedication to innovation, durability, and the health and well-being of runners. For individuals aiming to extend their running distances or improve their performance, the Gel Kayano 30 “Lite Show” offers the support needed to achieve those goals, making every run a step towards surpassing personal limits.


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