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Drop Date: 23/12/2023

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Style: Asics

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Colourway: Blue Expanse/Light Blue

Style Code: 1012B413-402

The WMNS Asics Gel Sonoma 7 “Blue Expanse” 1012B413-402 is meticulously engineered for the great outdoors, blending durability with superior grip on off-road surfaces. This trail model integrates a full-length AMPLIFOAM midsole with GEL technology, strategically placed to provide essential cushioning. Such a combination ensures comfort underfoot, a critical factor for wearers engaging in outdoor activities across varied terrains.


Further enhancing its suitability for outdoor adventures, the Gel Sonoma 7 features a trail-specific outsole. This component is vital for advanced traction, offering wearers confidence in their stride, whether ascending or descending challenging terrains. The design of the outsole pattern focuses on stability and support, crucial elements for navigating the unpredictability of outdoor environments.


This shoe is an ideal choice for individuals in search of footwear that combines the necessity of comfort with the demands of outdoor terrain navigation. The Gel Sonoma 7 is crafted for those who require a shoe capable of withstanding diverse conditions while providing the support and comfort needed for extended outdoor activities.


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