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Drop Date: 08/02/2024

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Brand: Asics

RRP: £ 140.00

Colourway: Lite Show/Illuminate Green

Style Code: 1012B646-300

The WMNS Asics GT 2000 12 “Lite Show” 1012B646-300 is designed to meet the needs of runners who prioritise stability and safety during their early morning or late evening runs. Reflective details are strategically incorporated to enhance visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring that runners remain visible and safe regardless of the time of day. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who run in urban areas where visibility can significantly impact safety.


In terms of performance, the shoe introduces the FF BLAST PLUS cushioning in the midsole, a material selected for its ability to provide soft landings and a responsive rebound. This technology is crucial for reducing the strain on joints and improving energy return, thereby enabling a more efficient and comfortable run. The addition of this cushioning system marks a significant improvement in the shoe’s design, offering both comfort and performance benefits.


Moreover, the GT 2000 12 is equipped with the 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM, an advanced feature aimed at enhancing the shoe’s overall cushioning and support. This system facilitates a smooth transition throughout the running gait, from the initial impact to the final push-off, thereby ensuring a more natural and comfortable running experience. This level of support and cushioning makes the GT 2000 12 “Lite Show” an ideal choice for runners seeking a shoe that provides stability, comfort, and visibility, tailored to the demands of running in varying light conditions.


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