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Drop Date: 21/09/2023

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Style: Jordan

RRP: £ 54.95

Colourway: Red Stardust/Red Stardust

Style Code: DX6405-600

The WMNS Jordan Hex Mule “Red Stardust” DX6405-600 stands as a testament to precision and style. It emerges from a fusion of cutting-edge design and materials, with high-density foam serving as its foundational element. In a departure from the norm, this mule offers a sportier alternative to the classic Hex Slide, introducing a closed-toe variant that harmonizes perfectly with the shifting seasons.


For those who seek both athleticism and fashion in their footwear, the Jordan Hex Mule is a revelation. The high-density foam, expertly molded, adapts seamlessly to your foot’s unique contours, ensuring that each step is a paragon of comfort. But comfort is only part of the story. What truly distinguishes these mules is their chic, polished aesthetic. They effortlessly elevate the style quotient of any casual ensemble, be it for a quick run to the store or a leisurely day out.


With its angular design and unwavering commitment to comfort, the Jordan Hex Mule makes an indelible fashion statement. It represents a harmonious marriage of form and function, proving that style and substance can coexist in perfect equilibrium.



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