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Drop Date: 06/03/2023

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Style: 550

RRP: £ 120

Colourway: White/Dark Mercury

Style Code: BBW550BA

The WMNS New Balance 550 “Dark Mercury” BBW550BA revives a notable 1989 basketball shoe, reintroduced to the market after a period of archival. Its return in late 2020 and official re-entry into New Balance’s catalogue in 2021 has reignited interest among original fans and attracted a new, global audience, marking it as a preferred choice in the current sneaker landscape.


This iteration retains the low top, streamlined silhouette of the original 550, distinguishing itself from the more robust basketball footwear designs of the late ’80s. Featuring a white base with dark mercury highlights, the shoe offers a versatile look that complements a wide range of outfits.


The construction includes a synthetic leather upper, ensuring longevity and maintaining a high-quality appearance over time. The rubber outsole is designed for enhanced traction and durability, accommodating both leisurely and active use, making the shoe a practical option for daily wear. The inclusion of an adjustable lace closure allows for a customised fit, prioritising comfort and support for the wearer.


By blending historical design elements with functional features, the New Balance 550 “Dark Mercury” emerges as a notable option for individuals looking for footwear that combines past influences with the practical needs of today’s wear. It demonstrates New Balance’s skill in adapting legacy designs to fit the preferences and requirements of the modern sneaker market, offering a product that resonates with a wide audience.


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