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Brand: Calm Slide

RRP: £ 44.95

Colourway: Rugged Orange/Rugged Orange

Style Code: DX4816-800

The WMNS Nike Calm Slide “Rugged Orange” DX4816-800 stands out because of its unique design: it’s made from a single piece of foam that is put together with a standard strap located at the middle of the foot. Beneath the foot, there’s a generously cushioned foam sole that adds extra comfort. The design embraces simplicity, and the only noticeable logo is the raised Swoosh symbol on both the side and underside of the strap. In essence, if you’re looking for something uncomplicated, these slides are a reliable choice.


The insole of the Calm Slide features a larger Swoosh logo, textured in a way that securely cradles the foot. The seamless design is supported by a full rubber outsole, ensuring dependable grip on various surfaces, whether they’re wet or dry conditions. This combination of features makes the Calm Slide a comfortable and reliable choice for slip-on footwear.



Furthermore, beyond the typical Nike releases, the Calm Slide has become popular as a preferred option, and it has now been revealed that more versions of this style are in development. Alongside the Slide version, other variations like flip-flops and mules within the Calm collection have also been introduced.



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