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Drop Date: 02/11/2023

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Brand: NikeCourt Vapor Lite 2

RRP: £ 103.00

Colourway: Fireberry/Multi-Colour/Fierce Pink/Metallic Red Bronze

Style Code: FB7065-600

Introducing the WMNS NikeCourt Vapor Lite 2 Premium HC “Fireberry” FB7065-600, a fusion of style and performance designed to meet the demands of contemporary sneaker enthusiasts.


These shoes embody a sleek simplicity that exudes a subtle yet captivating charm. While they don’t boast excessive flashiness, they come equipped with the necessary elements for court performance, including playability, speed, and support. The Vapor Lite 2 is a plug-and-play option, whether you’re smashing volleys or engaging in a lengthy rally, providing the comfort and traction required for peak performance.


Beneath the surface, a plush 2-level foam system ensures comfort and support with each step, minimizing the impact of court shock and adding an extra spring to your stride.


Prioritizing breathability, these sneakers feature extra-durable mesh to keep your feet cool during intense matches. The addition of a molded rubber overlay at the front enhances durability, ensuring your footwear can withstand the rigors of the game.


For agile movements such as banking and pivoting, these sneakers are designed to deliver. Soft foam near the arch assists in aligning your ankle with your foot, while harder foam along the outside aids quick push-offs. Whether you’re on the tennis court or the pickleball court, these sneakers provide the agility you need.


Even after the game, comfort remains unwavering. These sneakers transition effortlessly into your daily activities, maintaining the same level of comfort and style. With a subtle multicoloUr glow, you’re ready to shine wherever your journey takes you.



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