Do Puma Shoes Run Smaller Than Nike? A Puma Sizing Guide

Thinking about picking up a new pair of Puma Suedes but not sure how they’re gunna fit? Perhaps you’re copping a fresh pair of RS-X3 or a classic pair of Roma’s? This article looks in depth how these classic Puma styles fit compared to The most popular brands and most importantly answers the question: “Do Puma shoes run smaller than Nike?”

Whether for running shoes or for general lifestyle wear, Puma trainers generally come up similar to Normal Size but do vary ever so slightly to Nike. Generally, Puma runs slightly smaller than Nike but there are definitely exceptions depending if you wear a Men’s or Women’s shoe.  in the further article, you can get Puma shoe size charts to convert foot length and continental European (EUR), United Kingdom (UK), and United States (US) size for women and men.

Puma sizing guide and advice

When it comes to Puma shoes and clothes, all items tend run a bit smaller than true to size. Be that as it may, all the item sizes differ based on different models, materials, and several other features. In other words, while there is a standard in sizes for Puma’s products, it may not always be the same for all Puma silhouettes.

How to know what size to buy then?

Luckily. Puma publishes its own conversion chart for all its shoe sizes so you can easily find your proper shoe size, especially when shopping online. Further down the article is the Puma shoe size chart for both women and men, which is also published internationally by Amazon, among others. You can measure your feet, see specific shoe measurements, and buy shoes that fit you perfectly. 

Do Puma and Nike shoes fit the same?

Sizing up against Nike is a key question asked when looking at sizing a fresh pair of kicks. But difficult to answer as many Nike shoes size differently against each other. Case in point the Air Force 1 and Air Huarache are known to fit way outside of the suggested sizing.

However, to answer that one specific question that circulates all the time – do Puma and Nike shoes fit the same size? The answer is generally yes.

While both Puma and Nike shoes tend to size up in a similar way. Puma does come up a bit smaller than true to size and of course Puma shoe sizes can vary (as stated above). Therefore, Puma shoes will either be the same size as Nike, run bigger than Nike (for men).

Men: While most Puma and Nike models will be the same fit, some Puma shoes will run bigger from 0.5 to 1 in size (US size). In other words – If you’re wearing size 10 Nike, you will want to buy either size 10, 10.5, or 11 Puma shoes, depending on the model. Follow the chart below to find the perfect fit.

Women: While most Puma and Nike models will be the same fit, some Puma shoes will run smaller from 0.5 to 1 in size. In other words – If you’re wearing size 8 Nike, you will want to buy either a 8, 7.5, or 7 size shoe, depending on the model. A bit confusing, we know!

If in doubt we really recommend measuring up and following the Puma Shoe Sizing Chart chart to make sure you get the perfect fit. (You can find this by scrolling down a bit further).

Do Puma shoes run big or small?

Generally, compared to other shoe brands, Puma shoes run smaller than true to size , but only slightly (you will go just one size US up or down). Again, it all depends on a model, as some will be wider, some narrower, and some quite unique in length/width ratio.

Do Puma shoes run wide or narrow?

Generally, Puma shoes run narrow. In fact, while there are models that can be wide, most models are narrow, and therefore Puma shoes are not the best choice for people with wider feet.

There are specific models for people with wide feet, such as Puma Roma, but still, these are not as wide as, for example, the New Balance wide shoes. Check out our New Balance sizing guide here.

While there are wide options, people with wide feet will struggle to wear Puma shoes for long hours, especially if sports.

On the other hand, people with narrow feet will benefit from Puma shoes as they will generally be a snug  fit.

Puma Size Guide / Conversion Chart – Men’s Shoes

The following Puma size chart is equivalent to that published on the official Puma site for women’s and men’s footwear. Puma makes no distinction between women and men, except for US shoe sizes.

Puma Size Guide / Conversion Chart – Women’s shoes

Best places to buy Puma shoes

The best places to buy Puma shoes online would probably be Footlocker, END Clothing or JD Sports due to them stocking the largest ranges, usually prices tend to be most competitive over at Footlocker. We also recommend taking a look at our specific Puma product selection where we share the latest drop and sale information.


An initially confusing sizing structure shouldn’t never discourage you from buying Puma shoes. In general When answering the question, do Puma and Nike shoes fit the same size? The answer is yes. But this is a very generic response.

The best answer we can give is to just spend a bit of time with a tape measure and get that foot measured from the heel to the largest toe to ensure you cop the most accurate size.  Then simply compare this to the Puma Sizing Chart to ensure your select the correct pair of shoes. This short bit of time will ensure you order your sizing experience is as acurate as possible and ultimately will ensure more comfortable shoes.

If you’re still unsure whether or not to jump ship to Puma, it may also be a good shout to check out the latest Nike Sneaker Drops and New Releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Puma and Nike shoes size the same?

Yes and no. Puma and Nike shoes are generally the same size, but as some models might differ, men’s Puma shoes can run bigger than Nike shoes (0.5-1 US size), and women’s Puma shoes can run smaller than Nike shoes (0.5-1 US size).

Should I size up or down for Puma?

As Puma shoes are generally narrow, you should always size up when buying Puma shoes online. Always check the model and its specific sizing and compare it to your foot size before buying.

Is Puma smaller than Nike?

Generally, they are the same size. Although, women’s Puma shoes can run smaller than Nike. Additionally, Puma shoes are a bit narrower than those from Nike, so it could be said that Puma shoes are smaller than Nike.

How do puma shoes fit compared to Adidas?

While Adidas shoes are true to size, Puma shoes run smaller (and are narrower as well). Therefore, always buy larger Puma shoes than Adidas.

Where are Puma’s shoes made of?

Puma shoe factories are spread across several countries. Around 65% of Puma shoes are made either in China or Vietnam, while the final third is made elsewhere.

Are Puma Shoes True to Size?

No, Puma shoes are a bit smaller than true to size due to their narrow fit.