Styling the Nike Dunk With Shorts This Summer? Here’s How to Do It Right

The Nike Dunk: an iconic shoe that’s etched its name in the halls of sneaker history. Originating from the hardwood courts and transitioning seamlessly into streetwear, it’s a pair that’s seen an evolution like no other. But with summer upon us, the age-old question arises: How do you perfectly match the Dunk with a pair of shorts?

Whilst trainers have long been the go-to footwear for a casual day out, integrating them stylishly with shorts is an art that eludes many. And, as summer’s heat rises, let’s dive deep into making this iconic shoe the centerpiece of your warm-weather ensemble.

Can You Wear Nike Dunks With Shorts?

The Nike Dunk’s versatility makes it a prime candidate for short-based outfits. Contrary to a few traditionalists who argue sneakers should be reserved for longer trousers or jeans, contemporary fashion challenges such rules. With the right pair of shorts, your Dunks can look both refined and effortlessly cool.

The key lies in selecting shorts that complement, rather than compete with, the trainer’s design. Avoid excessively baggy shorts or those that reach past your knees. Such lengths often dwarf the shoe, making your legs appear shorter. Instead, opt for shorts that sit an inch or two above your knee, offering a more streamlined look.

Remember, the colour and pattern of your shorts play a pivotal role too. A minimalist approach, like choosing solid colours or subtle patterns, allows your Dunks to remain the focal point. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, choose shorts with bolder patterns – but ensure they harmonise with the hues of your kicks.

Nike Dunk Low vs. High

The eternal debate among sneaker aficionados: Low or High? Both have their merits, especially when it comes to styling with shorts. The Dunk Low offers a traditional sneaker look, sitting comfortably below the ankle. Its silhouette blends seamlessly with shorts, creating an unbroken line from leg to foot.

On the other hand, the Dunk High offers a bolder style statement. This version reaches above the ankle, creating a distinct cut between the shoe and the shorts. While this may sound challenging, with the right pair of shorts – think slim fit and the right length – the Dunk High can exude an unmatched edgy vibe.

The choice, essentially, boils down to personal preference and the kind of statement you wish to make. Both the Low and High offer ample opportunities to craft a memorable summer outfit.

How to Style the Nike Dunk Low

Styling the Dunk Low necessitates an understanding of balance. Begin with the basics: a well-fitted pair of shorts and a plain T-shirt or polo. This establishes a neutral canvas, letting your Dunks shine.

For a more laid-back, beachy vibe, try pairing your Nike Dunk with chino shorts, a light linen shirt, and perhaps a casual hat. This look combines comfort with style, perfect for an afternoon by the seaside or a casual evening with friends.

Lastly, remember accessories can elevate your outfit. A matching belt, a minimalist watch, or even a pair of stylish sunglasses can bring cohesion to your ensemble, ensuring your Dunk Lows fit perfectly within the aesthetic.

Is Nike Dunk the Same as Nike SB Dunk?

This a common misconception, but no, they aren’t identical twins. While both originate from the same family tree, there are subtle differences. The Nike Dunk, initially designed for basketball, transitioned into skateboarding as the SB Dunk. The latter boasts improved cushioning and a padded tongue – changes made specifically for skateboarders.

Aesthetically, while the base design remains consistent, SB Dunks often feature more flamboyant designs and collaborations. When choosing between the two, consider the activity and the look you’re aiming for. Casual day out? Either works. But if you’re hitting the halfpipe, perhaps the SB Dunk might be more apt.

The Best Nike Dunk Low Colourways

  1. Nike Dunk Low “Championship Purple”: A classic purple and white combo, this colourway is vibrant and fresh, perfect for summer.
    • Where to Buy: Nike
  2. Nike Dunk Low “Reverse Panda”: Trying to stay out of the norm but still wanting a versatile colourway? This silhouette’s white and black combination can do that for you.
    • Where to Buy: Nike
  3. Nike Dunk Low By You: Let the artist in you out with customising your own colourway of the Dunks, just how you like it.
    • Where to Buy: Nike
  4. Nike Dunk Low “Wear & Tear”: Rocking an aged aesthetic together with the vibrant yellow and blue, this pair sure is ideal for those wanting to make a statement.
    • Where to Buy: Nike
  5. Nike Dunk Low “Hyper Royal”: A pop of blue in a white base makes this colourway one of the most versatile, and easy-to-wear with any outfit this summer.
    • Where to Buy: Nike

The Bottom Line

The Nike Dunk, with its rich history and iconic design, is more than just a shoe. It’s a statement. Whether paired with jeans in winter or shorts in summer, it’s a testament to timeless fashion. As the mercury rises, don’t shy away from teaming your Dunks with shorts. With the right style choices, you’re not just wearing a pair of shoes. You’re donning an emblem of fashion history.

Summer’s fleeting. So, lace up your Nike Dunks, choose your favourite shorts, and step out with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Dunks suitable for sports?

While they originated as basketball shoes, today’s versions are more fashion-oriented. For rigorous sports, choose sport-specific footwear.

How do I clean my Nike Dunks?

Use a soft brush and mild soap. Avoid machine washing, as it can alter the trainer’s structure.

Do Nike Dunks run true to size?

Generally, yes. However, it’s always recommended to try them on before purchasing.

Where can I buy authentic Nike Dunks?

Stick to reputable retailers, official Nike stores, or approved online sellers to ensure authenticity.

How often should I replace my Nike Dunks?

Depending on wear and usage, casual wearers might find their Dunks last several years. Regular use, especially for sports, might necessitate an earlier replacement.