The Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” is a Timeless Classic to Basketball Royalty

The Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” is a pair that resonates deeply with both sneaker aficionados and hoops enthusiasts. Premiered on the hardwood by none other than Michael Jordan during the 1997 NBA season – a pivotal year that marked his fifth championship win – this design has since etched its place in sneaker lore. And behind this masterpiece? Tinker Hatfield, a name synonymous with ingenuity in sneaker design, crafts a silhouette that seamlessly combines flair with functionality.

The Air Jordan 12 borrows its essence from the Land of the Rising Sun, drawing subtle cues from the Japanese flag. Its architecture stands distinct, making it stand out even amongst the revered Jordan line-up. Dominated by a pristine white façade, the shoe is accentuated by vivacious red pebbled leather mudguards. This red extends gracefully to the midsoles, encapsulating the spirit of the “Cherry” moniker. Yet, it doesn’t end there; the ruby-hued rubber sole beneath doesn’t just cushion the feet – it serves as a visual spectacle, ensuring these kicks are instantly recognisable.

Elevating its detailed artistry, shimmering silver accents adorn the upper eyelets, invoking a touch of opulence. Then, as one’s gaze drifts downward, it meets the legendary “23” on the heels, a number synonymous with basketball greatness. The outsole, with its black and white zig-zag dance, infuses a dose of dynamism into the shoe’s persona. To culminate this sneaker to perfection, the black Jumpman insignia, synonymous with air-bound excellence, graces the tongue, while the traditional AJ12 branding anchors the heels.

For the Collectors

Our sneaker landscape is a kaleidoscope, ever-evolving with fresh silhouettes and colour palettes that entice the new generation. Amidst this cascade of novelties, the “Cherry” stands resolute, an emblem of ageless panache. It isn’t just footwear; it’s a time capsule. A chapter from the illustrious journey of Michael Jordan, offering wearers a fragment of that storied legacy. A sneaker not just stitched with fabric and leather, but with stories of on-court duels, buzzer-beaters, and championships clinched.

In essence, the Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” isn’t merely a sneaker; it’s a chronicle. A testament to a time when basketball and style intersected at a crossroads, birthing legends. Legends that, much like this iconic pair, continue to inspire, enthrall, and remind us of an era of unbridled passion and unparalleled excellence. In the grand timeline of sneaker culture, the Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” is not just a thread – it’s a vibrant, unmissable stroke of genius.Releasing on October 28th, make sure you keep it locked at Captain Creps for your best chance to secure your size.

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