The Greatest Crocs Collaborations of All-Time

A few years ago, Crocs was a shoe brand that was designed for gardeners, and beach-goers, and – let’s be honest – those who didn’t really care that much about style. But since the coronavirus pandemic struck and everyone was forced to stay in the comfort of their own homes, the Colorado-based footwear company has completely taken the fashion world by storm. Over the past three years, thousands and thousands of brand new colourways, styles, and silhouettes have been revealed – including quite a few legendary Crocs collaborations.

From New York City designers like Salehe Bembury to Parisian fashion houses such as Balenciaga, we’ve been blessed with plenty of iconic Crocs partnerships as of late. And in this article, we’ll be diving throughout some of the greatest ones of all-time. So, strap in, turn Sport Mode on, and let’s check it out!

Salehe Bembury x Crocs

You just can’t talk about the greatest Crocs collaborations of all-time without giving Salehe Bembury x Crocs a special shoutout. Over the past couple of years, the New York City-based designer has been applying his signature fingerprint texture to many of the company’s most iconic silhouettes. He’s even worked on a range of all-original models as well, including the Juniper and the Saru.

BEAMS x Crocs

If you’re a fan of gorpcore, then BEAMS x Crocs should definitely be on your radar. Giving the Classic Clog a utilitarian makeover, BEAMS’ take on the model boasted a military and outdoors-inspired design that featured rugged outsoles, functional storage, and molle webbing, marrying practicality with an adventurous spirit.

Post Malone x Crocs

Post Malone x Crocs brought the musician’s unique style to the forefront, featuring a range of custom Jibbitz charms inspired by his tattoos. From subtle all-over prints to ventilation holes for increased airflow, this partnership transformed the Classic Clog into a canvas showcasing Posty’s distinctive art.

Balenciaga x Crocs

Yes, you read that right – Balenciaga x Crocs. As you’d naturally expect from the Parisian fashion house, these aren’t your average clogs; they come with a stiletto heel, merging the world of luxury fashion with comfort. Following their Crocs collaborations that included platform models and Jibbitz-covered clogs, Balenciaga’s latest (and possibly greatest) take adds an unexpected twist, proving fashion really has no boundaries.

Liberty London x Crocs

Liberty London is one of the most iconic high-end department stores, not only in the English capital, but in the entire world. For the Liberty London x Crocs partnership, the clogs embraced a classic British floral design, adorning the iconic silhouette with exquisite floral and abstract motifs.

Grateful Dead x Chinatown Market x Crocs

This three-way collaboration between Grateful Dead x Chinatown Market x Crocs brought together the iconic rock band’s legacy with NYC streetwear label’s vision, incorporating the latter’s distinct smiley motif and tie-dye designs into the clogs. The result was a playful, vibrant footwear option that resonated with fans of music, fashion, and fun.

Pleasures x Crocs

Pleasures x Crocs brought an edgy, punk-inspired aesthetic, introducing designs that were both spooky and striking. This collaboration showcased Pleasures’ ability to infuse the classic Croc with a darker, more provocative vibe.

MSCHF x Crocs

There’s no way you can talk about the hottest Crocs collaborations of all-time without mentioning MSCHF x Crocs. In 2023, the Brooklyn collection took the Big Red Boot and gave it a Crocs makeover. This marries the high-rise boot design with the iconic clog shape. With a rubber outsole for grip and Crocs branding, it’s a bold statement that combines comfort with an unmistakable look. If turning heads is your thing, these are a must-have.

Bad Bunny x Crocs

Reflecting the Puerto Rican artist’s dynamic persona, this Bad Bunny x Crocs features a glow-in-the-dark design that capture the essence of his vibrant energy. Embodying Bad Bunny’s “I Do What I Want” ethos, this partnership featured Classic Clogs in crisp white colourway, adorned with thematic Jibbitz that included stars, fire, and a bunny

Lightning McQueen x Crocs

In an exciting collaboration with Disney Pixar’s Cars franchise, the Lightning McQueen x Crocs brought the beloved protagonic to life. Featuring a red Croslite foam construction with detailed graphics, ventilation holes, and LEDs that light up with every step, this partnership offered fans a unique way to showcase their love for the franchise.

Chinatown Market x Crocs

If you love the feeling of freshly cut grass, Chinatown Market x Crocs has exactly what you need in your life. Completely covered in a turf appliqué, it’s a creative take that turns every step into a walk in the park, literally.

KFC x Crocs

Imagine walking around with the delicious smell of fried chicken coming from your feet. That’s exactly what you get with the KFC x Crocs collaboration. These clogs come with a fried chicken print and a charm that smells just like KFC’s famous chicken.


SANKUANZ x Crocs is all about going big or going home, with a detachable chunky sole and metal Jibbitz for a look that’s hard to ignore. It’s a bold take on the Classic Clog, offering a mix of style and ruggedness.

Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs

The Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs partnership takes recycling to the next level in her collaboration with Crocs, transforming old denim, leather, and rubber into stylish clogs.