The New Balance 996 Made in USA “Sulphur” is a Material Masterpiece

From the rich tapestry of New England’s manufacturing legacy to the artisanal depths of the United Kingdom, New Balance has championed a tradition of craftsmanship. Embracing this heritage, the brand has birthed another marvel from its stateside atelier – the New Balance 996 Made in USA “Sulphur.”

While most NB kicks are painted in the fan-favourite grey colourway, this one dances between the vibrancy of yellow and the serenity of green. The mesh base, supple and breathable, converges seamlessly with buttery leather overlays, all soaked in a gentle daffodil-like hue. This is then contrasted by all-white laces, which are further complemented by the inner sockliner.

But it doesn’t end there. Touches of forest green grace the iconic “N” logo and certain segments of the midsole, while rich beige elements playfully mark the foxing’s suede trim. The final stroke? A robust jet-black heel tab, adding depth to the otherwise mellow canvas.

Simple Sophistication

In a market flooded with over-designed and elaborate sneakers, the 996 stands out as a symbol of simple sophistication. Its unassuming charm is what makes it incredibly versatile. Tailored for the urban nomad, it’s cushioned and contoured to cradle your feet through days of hustle and evenings of leisure. A merger of fashion and function, the “Sulphur” deserves a spot in every trainer fan’s collection.

In its entirety, the New Balance 996 Made in USA “Sulphur” is more than just a sneaker. It is a canvas painted with dedication, precision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With its compelling hue, rich details, and timeless silhouette, it stands poised to not just fit into wardrobes, but to enhance them. You can now buy it or check the availability on our website.

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