The Top Five Nike House Shoes / Slides / Slippers

With the increasing amount of us choosing to spend their work hours at home, there has definitely been a surge in loungewear and all things that maximise round the house comfort. If rocking a mean pair of house shoes is your thing. This article is for you. We rank the top Nike House Shoes / Slides / Slippers. – Whatever you want to call them.

What are house shoes?

So let’s define what we mean when we talk house shoes.

A good house shoe is a comfortable low top piece of footwear that can be slipped on and off with ease. We’re not discussing those wool moccasins you might see your Dad in. A good house shoe should be equally as comfortable as a good to pair of slippers, worn strictly indoors, have a good rubber sole for traction and ideally should have some decent arch support.

What makes a good house shoe?

The best house footwear will feel like a second skin, they’ll be soft enough to slip into without any fuss or fumbling around but still provide enough grip to keep you from slipping out of them. Like a comfy slippers they should also be easy to get on and off, so if you’re going to be wearing them inside, make sure you don’t need to struggle to do it.

A great house shoe will eliminate any foot pain, keep your feet warm and will have a cushioned insole. House shoes are strictly for indoor wear only so leave your outdoor shoes in the rack and maximise that extra comfort underfoot.

The Top 5 Nike shoes / sandals to wear around the house:

Nike Canyon

A very popular Nike sandal at the time of writing. The beefy Canyon sits atop a well cushion midsole below a three-strap support. Designed to keep you supported but also maintaining that airy feel. A very comfortable option to wear with socks or without. Depending on the season.

Where to Buy: Nike UK

Nike Offline 

Nike’s most premium house shoe, The Nike Offline 2.0 Mule and Offline pack are the epitome of comfort.  Put on your shoes and go offline. A incredibly soft memory foam sole cushions the bottom of your foot, while the padded, glove-like upper feels stable but airy. Take your house shoe game to another comfort level with the Offline 2. Much better than even the most comfortable Slippers.

Where to Buy: Nike UK

Nike Victori One

Whislt the Victori one is not strictly a house shoe, they are Nike’s most popular “Shower Shoe”. Complimented with a fresh pair of Nike socks the Victori One has a simple lightweigh desifn, has a responsive foam underfoot and are a go to for many of the socks and slide crew around the world.

Where to Buy: Nike UK

Nike ACG Air Deschutz

Designed as with outdoor wear in mind. The Nike ACG Air Deschutz + is comfortable for long durations and perfect if your up and walking about a lot at home. Definite 90s vibes apparent in the aesthetic, this shoes will keep you supported, your feet dry and comfortable ready to take on your house bound duties!

Where to Buy: Nike UK

Nike Air Zoom Pulse

Built specifically for and test by nurses this shoe has aquired a reputation of being perfect for anyone standing on their feet for a long period of time. Easy to clean and very quick to slip and off, the Nike Air  Zoom Pulse provides consistent underfoot comfort for long periods of time.

Where to Buy: Nike UK

Honourable Mention: Nike FlyEase Range

The Nike Flyease range is innovation in progress, right now. Nike are consistently adapting their shoes to with inisghts learnt from the disabled community. The Nike Flyease Range make a great house shoe because they have been developed with comfort and ease firmly in mind.

Easy to slip on and always comfortable under foot. The Flyease comes in loads of versions of the most popular Nike silhouettes:

Where to buy? Nike UK


Our go to house shoe from Nike right now has to be the Nike Offline as it nails all of our predefined house shoe requirements. Comfortable, supportive, good grip underfoot and easy to slide on. If you’re looking for value, you may want to consider the Air Zoom Pulse or the minimal Victori One and if you’re looking for durability and long distance wear inside and out, the ACG Air Descutz is always a reliable choice. 

For further reading you may be interested in our article on The Top Six Slides to Wear With Socks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are house shoes the same as slippers?

Like slippers, house shoes are designed with comfort in mind, but will elevate your slipper game to the next level. A good house shoe is durable, easy to slip on, comfortable and will have some arch support.

What are the best slippers for sweaty feet?

For anyone who has sweaty feet we strongly recomend a house shoe with a lot of air. Avoid any shoes that lack breathability and focus on ventilation. A good suggestion would be the ACG Air Deschutz or the Victori one. Worn with socks of course!

What are the best slippers for sweaty feet?

For anyone who has sweaty feet we strongly recomend a house shoe with a lot of air. Avoid any shoes that lack breathability and focus on ventilation. A good suggestion would be the ACG Air Deschutz or the Victori one. Worn with socks of course!

Are Nike slides comfortable?

Designed with comfort in mind at all times, Nike has consistently delivered a wide variety of comfortable slides. Generally Underfoot Nike slides are very comfortable, usually sitting on top of a memory-foam sole, easy to slip on and available in an incredible amount of style options.

What are Nike sliders?

Nike sliders are easy to slip-on sandals that are airy and designed with comfort in mind. Usually worn during summer months or hot weather but becoming increasingly popular worn with a fresh pair of Nike socks.

Are Nike slides good for your feet?

Nike slides are a great option to wear to keep your foot protected and comfortable. Perfect to keep your  foot comfortable during summer months and protected from the unpredictable environment. Nike slides are very good for your feet as long as you’re not buying them to run in or for wearing for long distance walking.

Do Nike slides run big or small?

In general, most Nike slides run true to size, however we recommend to go up a half size when selecting sandals or slides. This is because your foot naturally slides farther down the sandal into its toe box. When wearing slides you tend to put more pressure on the ball of your foot rather than an equal spread across the shoe.