What To Wear With The Nike Air Max 270 and 270 React

Looking for some style advice on how to wear your favourite pair of Nike Air Mas 270s? We’ve got you covered.

Dubbed Nike’s first lifestyle Air Max, the Air Max 270 was designed using the existing Air Max styles as the template but using the new design to display new innovations and creativity, most notably a spin on the Air Max heel technology.

First released in 2018, the Air Max 270 was a hybrid of both the Air Max 180 and 93 shoes. The name ‘270’ derives from the 270-degree visibility you get around the heel of the shoe, nodding towards the innovative technology and design adopted. At release, it was the tallest Air Max heel unit, measuring at 3.2cm tall.

The Nike Air Max 270 React debuted a year later, in 2019, and has the react foam built in, creating an even newer, fresher and sleeker Air Max silhouette. Blending both style and comfort, both the Air Max 270 and the React style are versatile, fashionable and can be worn with many different outfits.

We’ve rounded up some style advice to help you create outfits around these iconic trainers!


The epitome of sportswear, joggers are a staple item in anyone’s wardrobe. Blending comfort with style, they’re great for wearing with many sneakers, including the Nike Air Max 270 and 270 React. They are a great way to wear these two silhouettes for a casual feel, but if you want to look more put-together, it is useful to match the colour of the joggers to the shoes’ colourway. For example, if the trainers are mostly beige, try wearing some similar toned joggers. However, if you’re wearing a monochrome Air Max, such as black, white or grey, you have the luxury of wearing whatever colour jogger you please, as these three hues go with every colour on the colour wheel!

Air Max 270
Image source: fashionbombdaily

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Whether men’s shorts or women’s shorts, the Nike Air Max 270 goes with it all. Shorts can be either sporty, denim or slightly more formal (think Chino style shorts for men and paper-bag waist shorts for women), meaning that the overall look of the outfit will be dictated by the short’s overall style and silhouette. Luckily, the Air Max 270 is so versatile that they go with pretty much all types of shorts, however, it’s all about matching colours and textures. The best way to wear shorts with these trainers is to keep the shorts themselves fairly simple and let the shoes do all the talking. For example, wear plain, monochrome-hued shorts and add the pop of colour with an interesting colourway.

Air Max 270
Image source: ohanthonio

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Nike Socks

What better way to wear Nike trainers than to pair them with matching branded socks? Pairing Nike socks with the Air Max 270 attractively enhances the sporty nature of the silhouette, adding a sense of harmony and consistency via matching branding. The height and tight nature of the sock also balances out the chunky build that the trainer offers, which allows you to look tall, elegant and streamlined. For best result go with a sock colour that compliments the shoe. If in doubt, go with white.

Air Max 270
Image source: fashionbombdaily

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Tapered Jeans

Another wardrobe staple, jeans are wonderfully versatile and go well with the Nike Air Max 270 to create a rather casual look. Tapered jeans aren’t too tight and therefore complement the trainers’ silhouette by balancing out their bulky design with a medium sized cuff that doesn’t overhand nor squeeze the ankle too tight. A skinnier jean silhouette risks making the sneakers appear a bit too bulky. The great thing about jeans is they too can be styled in various ways, so you really have a plethora of options to create an entire outfit with jeans and Air Max 270s. Make sure the jeans sit just above the trainer’s tongue, so they look smart and well-proportioned.

Air Max 270
Image source: Lyst

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Trainers and dresses are a really fantastic, contemporary outfit choice. Pairing them together allows you to enjoy the femininity of a dress and the feeling that brings, as well as enjoying the casual comfort of trainers. Most of the time, it’s best to opt for a neutral trainer colourway, so as to ensure the outfit isn’t too much and remains elegant. The Air Max 270 can go with short or long dresses, it wholly depends on the overall style you’re aiming to achieve. For a very casual, sports-luxe look, a bodycon midi or maxi dress will do the trick. If you want a more outwardly feminine, summery look, a short, fuller skirt can help you get there.

Air Max 270
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Similar to dresses, skirts pair nicely with the Air Max 270 and its React counterpart because it creates a nice contrast between the traditionally sporty nature of a trainer and the delicate nature of a skirt. Again, mini, midi and maxi lengths can all work, just be sure to match the colourway with the colour of the skirt, if you want to achieve a well put-together look. An easy way to quickly and effortlessly style up a pair of trainers whilst giving off the impression you have great pride in your outfits, pairing this silhouette with skirts is an unbeatable way to achieve ultimate style whilst enjoying having comfortable feet.

Air Max 270
Image source: Notjessfashion

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Inherently sporty, leggings are an ideal pairing with Air Max 270s and a go-to workout ensemble. These trainers are good for running and other performance sports, so wearing them with leggings, which are an essential part of a work-out outfit, is a very logical choice. To avoid looking over the top, it’s best to choose one of the items to be colourful, if any. So, for example, if you have a plain colourway, such as grey or white, you can opt for more colourful, patterned leggings. Conversely, if your leggings are plain, it would be a fun addition to have a wackier colourway.

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Air Max 270
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Similar to shorts, whether masculine or feminine trousers, the Air Max 270 has an easy time looking good with trousers. Unlike jeans, there is a much wider variety of materials, textures and patters that you can choose from in a trouser, which can make pairing the trainers with them slightly more complicated. Just as recommended with shorts, it’s advisable to keep the trousers simple in terms of pattern and texture and let the trainer’s colourway add that extra dimension. Leather trousers are a modern, on-trend way to go, but just ensure the cuff sits above the trainer and isn’t flared, as this would be a little too much.

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Air Max 270
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you wear with Air Max 270 react?

Thanks to their sleek design, the Air Max 270 React go with pretty much everything. More of a casual style, they are best worn with jeans, leggings, joggers or shorts, as these styles compliment the nature of the silhouette. You can dress the sneaker up a little with a dress or a more formal pair of trousers, but it’s best to opt for a plain, monochrome colour in that instance so as to not distract from the outfit and end up looking messy.

How should I style my Air Max 270?

Everyone has their own personal style, which is the beauty of fashion. There is no correct way to dress the Air Max 270, but the bottom line is that you feel comfortable, confident and most importantly, yourself. Designed as a performance-driven silhouette, they’re best when paired with sportswear, however, you definitely aren’t limited to joggers and leggings; you can experiment with different hemlines and cuffs.

Do Nike Air Max 270 run big or small?

Nike Air Max 270 fit true to size, but if you have feet that are a little on the wider side, it is recommended to go up half a size to ensure your feet won’t be too uncomfortable. It’s paramount to select a size that offers the full support and structure that your feet need, whilst allowing for breathability and ultimate comfort.

Are Nike Air Max 270 React good for running?

Yes, the Nike Air Max 270 React is a good option for a running shoe as it blends together the Air unit with a Reach foam within the midsole, which gives the ultimate cushioning. When running, it’s important to wear shoes that absorb impact in order to keep your feet and legs safe and supported, therefore the heel on this silhouette is perfect. The design is inherently performance-driven, meaning they are a great choice for an exercise such as running.