Why Do Crocs Have Holes In Them? A Short History Of The Croc

Celebrating its 20th year in the market in 2022, Crocs have become a household name and the epitome of the marmite shoe. You either love em, or you hate em! Commonplace atire of hospital staff and healthcare workers due to the easy slip-on setup, Crocs have recently also made their way into the sneaker culture. While they have been around for two decades and counting, some people are curious about one thing. Why do Crocs have holes in them and what’s their purpose for having so?

While it’s regularly subject to jokes and ridicule, these foam clogs remain extremely popular. Multiple collabs with various brands, celebrities, and designers brought the true potential of Crocs. A prime example being Salehe Bembury’s Pollex Clogs, which became the centre of attention when the first wave of Crocs Pollex Clogs came out .

This Captain Creps Crocs Guide will discuss why they have holes on the upper, as well as some styling recommendations. We teach you the way of the Croc!

Describing the resurgence of Crocs since 2020.

Just like the extremely popular Nike Dunk, Crocs Cmade their way back to mainstream culture in 2020. Like the Dunk, whilst the shoes never really disappeared in the market, its hype nowadays has massively surpassed any previous years and continues to reach greater heights. 

Crocs Classic Clogs have that distinctive design that other foam clogs can’t replicate. Aside from those holes, Crocs’ main selling point is how comfortable these clogs and slides are.

Back in 2020, Crocs regained its popularity; becoming a worldwide fashion trend and a staple choice for health workers. The foam clog was a specific footwear choice in the healthcare sector as the slip-on construction saved nurses a lot of time. This was at the time when the coronavirus pandemic surged, and Crocs boasted an effortless look with extra comfort. Making it the perfect shoe for nurses who work long hours in hospitals.

Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clogs

While a lot of people still deem them as ugly shoes, people who are looking for comfort rather than aesthetics will be happy with more Crocs designs. Aside from the regular Classic Clogs and Slides, Crocs made headlines in the sneaker community thanks to Salehe Bembury’s Pollex Clogs.

The former Yeezy protégé caught a lot of attention with the unique-looking Pollex Clogs inspired by a thumb. New previewed colourways show that the upcoming Crocs Pollex Clogs will now have graphic prints on the upper. Which is a great change from the usual monochromatic colour schemes.

Since its resurgence in popularity, we really hit mainstream when we saw this years contestants rocking pairs on mainstream ITV show Love Island, with artists and celebrities now wearing Crocs as a fashion statement. Whether it’s a collab or a general release colourway, these foam clogs are now commonplace in UK pop culture.

What’s the main purpose of the holes in crocs?

Crocs clogs are made out of the brand’s proprietary closed-cell resin called croslite. But what you need to know is that it is very similar to EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) foam; which can be found on sneaker midsoles.

The foam upper of Crocs is thick, making it hard for air to flow and may cause sweaty feet. Because of this, Crocs put ventilation holes on the upper to keep the foot dry. Back when they first came out, Crocs were meant to be boating shoes. Holes are also intended to remove water during boat trips.

Simply put, holes on Crocs are made to make the clog breathable.

What can you put in the holes of crocs?

In 2006, Sheri and Rich Schmelzer sold their Jibbitz business to Crocs Inc. for $10 million. More than a decade later, Jibbitz are the hottest and most sought-after accessories for Crocs. Jibbitz charms are basically rubber pieces placed in the holes of Crocs for added design. These are primarily used for a more personalised style where you can add your favourite characters or hobbies. 

You can buy Jibbitz separately if you want to collect different charms.

Some of these Jibbitz charms are extremely limited. One of the most expensive Jibbitz packs is the ComplexCon exclusive Takashi Murakami Jibbitz which you can find on StockX.

Since its inception, Jibbitz designs range from simple to totally loud. They now vary in themes and in sizes, making Crocs look more awesome and personalised. Some people are even putting chains on their Crocs’ straps now too!

How many holes are there in Crocs?

There are 13 holes across all Crocs Classic Clogs and Slides. These evenly-placed holes bring airflow and let out moisture to prevent blisters on your feet. This also means you can put about 13 Jibbitz charms on each hole! But make sure you keep some holes open to ensure proper ventilation.

The number of holes is consistent across all Crocs sizes. So whether it’s in kids’ sizing or men’s, there will be 13 evenly-placed ventilation holes on the foam upper.

It’s a different story of the Crocs LiteRide as this model sports plenty of holes on the upper. The LiteRide features smaller vents to prevent large debris from potentially coming in. At the same time, this provides a lot of breathability and makes the slide lightweight.

How can I style crocs?

Believe it or not, people are already rocking Crocs with just about any outfit! While some may look goofy with formal wear, those looking to flex a sporty look will do just fine. Crocs are usually worn with slim jeans or shorts to showcase the design of the slide, but there’s no reason why cargos or a straight leg wouldn’t work either.

Those who wear shorts must have some impressive socks to go along with their Crocs. Depending on the colourway, you may opt for white socks, we wouldn’t really recommend colourful socks in less they paired with your colourway or the rest of your fit.

Why do some Crocs have holes and some do not?

Holes are not always present in all Crocs models. Some Crocs are meant for workwear purposes. This means they need more protection around the toe and the rest of the upper to meet the workplace standards.

The most popular hole-less Crocs silhouette is the Bistro Clog. This slide features a full EVA foam construction with holes nowhere to be found except on the heel strap. Aside from the lack of ventilation, the Bistro Clog sports a raised heel cup for an improved fit. Together with the strap, this locks down the heel area without worrying about your fit slipping off the shoe.

While it may feel too hot for lifestyle wear, Crocs without holes like the Bistro Clog sure are comfortable. The foam footbed provides a lot of cushioning just like most Crocs models, and the slip-resistant rubber traction will last you long enough to enjoy them. You may end up with sweaty feet, but the extra protection matters more in the workplace.

Where can you buy crocs?

You can buy Crocs on the official Crocs UK website but it’s also worth checking out other retailers that carry Crocs for deeper variety and sale items. The top three we recommend are as follows:


Foot Locker UK – SHOP HERE


These stores sell a lot of Crocs models in different colourways, with all sizes available for men, women, and kids. 


Crocs first arrived in 2002 as a boating shoe. About two decades later, Crocs have had a huge resurgence; dominating the clog game. When you think about the Yeezy Foam Runners, Merrell Hydro Mocs, and other shoe companies with foam footwear, remember that Crocs started the trend and was way ahead of its time; regardless of how some sneakerheads view the shoe!

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