7 Best Crease Protectors and Shoe Guards

There’s nothing worse than spending huge amounts of money on some brand new shoes, only to get a crease in them almost immediately! This article has the answer to all your shoe crease related woes.

You will find out about the best crease protectors and shoe guards on the market in order to help to save your shoes from creases. 

For many, taking care of their shoes consists of wiping them down if you’ve been walking through some mud. Most people don’t spend much time taking care of their shoes. Instead, a lot of people don’t even think about unwanted creases until it is all too late. 

This article will help you to find ways to protect your shoes from getting creased (if your shoes still get creased, follow our guide on getting creases out). Let’s have a look at some of the best crease guards and protectors on the market today! 

What Are Crease Protectors?

There are lots of crease protectors on the market that are all great for protecting the toe area on your shoe from becoming creased. These are known as toe box crease protectors. The toe area on lots of different shoes is very prone to creasing, so these protectors can come in very handy. 

Best Crease Protectors

1. Forcefield Crease Preventer Shoe And Boot Toe Guard

These crease protectors are made from foam. They fit inside the toe of your shoes in order to help to prevent any creasing and improve the appearance of the shoes when you are wearing them. 

These foam crease protectors are designed to fit nicely into the toe of your sneakers, helping them to hold their shape well. The soft foam material that the crease preventer is made from keeps the sneakers feeling comfortable while they are being worn. 

These crease preventers are kept in place with adhesive that means that they are in place all day to protect your shoes. 


  • These crease protectors come in a range of different sizes
  • They are made from very comfortable and soft materials. 
  • The adhesive that is used on this product will keep the protector in place all day.


  • Some people found that they sometimes come unstuck when you walk around a lot. 
  • Sometimes they don’t fit in smaller shoes.

2. Sneak Geek 2 Pairs Sneaker Crease Protector

These crease protectors are great for extending the life of your shoes. It can save your new shoes from getting ruined, but it can also improve the appearance of some of your old and creased shoes. 

These shoes are designed with flexible and soft material so that they are very comfortable. They are also very durable as they are made from a long lasting material. They are washable crease protectors, meaning they will last a long time. 

These crease protectors are completely adjustable meaning they will fit inside most shoes. They are also perfect for travelling because they are comfortable and they will protect your shoes from creases. 

These shoe protectors are very popular, and they come in a pack of two which means you can protect two different pairs of shoes. 


  • These crease protectors come in a pack of two so you can use them in multiple pairs of shoes.
  • These crease protectors are well ventilated and easily washable.


  • Some people have found that these crease protectors don’t fit into all types of shoe.
  • Some people find that these crease protectors hurt your feet.

3. ERGOfoot Store Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases Protector

These shoe crease protectors are great for preventing creasing in your brand new shoes. They can also be used to smooth over some shoes that are already creased. Having these shoe protectors will extend the lifespan of your shoes and it will improve the appearance of your sneakers. 

These protectors are made from high quality materials to ensure that they are durable. The material also means that they are completely suitable.

These shoe crease protectors are designed to be breathable and they keep the inside of the shoe dry. They are easy to place in the shoe and they are great at keeping the shoe looking good.

You can also cut these shoe crease protectors to the required size. It is a great idea to place these shoe crease protectors inside your shoes at all times even when you aren’t wearing them. This will support long term protection of your shoes.

These shoe protectors are great if you’re looking for something that is easy to customise.

These protectors come in packs of six so you will be able to place them in a few different pairs of shoes to ensure that they are all kept in good condition. These crease protectors are not recommended to be used during exercise. 


  • These crease protectors are made from soft and flexible materials to make them comfortable. 
  • You can trim these crease protectors to ensure that they match your shoes.


  • These should not be used on shoes while you are working out. 
  • These shoe inserts don’t fit into all types of shoes.

4. URATOT 12 Pairs Shoe Crease Protectors

These shoe protectors are great because they contain air pockets to ensure that your shoes remain dry. They also contain anti-slip points which make sure that you are walking in a very steady way. 

They can also be trimmed to make sure that they fit into every type of shoe. They are durable, washable and they can be reused. 

These are great for ensuring that the creases in your shoes are smoothed out. They are made from environmentally friendly materials.

These products come in packs of 6 pairs so that you can try them in lots of different pairs of shoes. They are available in a lot of different colours and can be used for extra security. 


  • These shoe crease protectors should be trimmed to fit into your shoes. 
  • These shoe crease protectors are stuck in place with adhesive backing. 


  • Some customers have found that the sizing on this product is not quite right. 
  • They don’t stay in place sometimes as the adhesive isn’t strong enough.

5. Crep Protect Sneaker Guards Crease Protector

These Crep sneaker crease protectors are great because they have padded technology. This is for superior comfort and use. The sneakers have a breathable design in order to allow them to be airy and not feel too tight. 

These sneaker guards are different from the others on the list because they are tropical scented. This allows them to feel fresh, comfortable and clean. 


  • These sneaker guards come in packs of two. 
  • They are breathable and comfortable. 
  • They come with a tropical fragrance that keeps them very fresh.


  • They can be very uncomfortable for some people. 
  • Some people find that they don’t stay in place.

6. Gorygold Shoe Toe Crease Protector Guard For Sneaker

The Gorygold shoe toe crease protector will keep your brand new shoes looking new. They will also have the power to improve the look of your old looking shoes. 

These protectors come in 3 different sizes so that they will fit in mens, womens and kids shoes. They will fit a lot of different sneaker brands including Air Force Series and Air Jordan Series. 

You can also cut these protector guards to the correct size according to the size of the shoe that you are inserting them into. They contain holes that allow for ventilation, meaning that the shoe is kept dry. 

These crease protector guards are very comfortable because they are made of a very soft material. They will fit securely inside the tow and you won’t even notice that they’re there! 

This pack of guards are also very good value for money. You will get 6 pairs of these protectors in the pack, so you can use them on lots of different pairs of shoes at the same time.


  • Good value for money.
  • Can be cut to the correct size of the shoe you are putting them in. 
  • Come in three different sizes for men, women and children. 


  • Some people reported that they are not as comfortable as other variations. 

7. Vsonker 4 Pairs Shoe Crease Protectors

These Vsonker shoe crease protectors look great. They will make your shoes look fantastic, and extend the lifespan of your sneakers.

They are made of a very breathable and comfortable material and they will fit perfectly into most shoes. They also act as the best guard for your shoes for when you are travelling as they won’t be flattened. 

This product is made of very high quality materials and it is temperature resistant, durable and washable. 

This product is also able to be cut to size. It can be trimmed to the correct size and you will be able to make them fit into any shoe.

This product comes in a pack of four and each one has venting holes on them to ensure that your feet stay dry and breathable. 


  • High quality materials.
  • Durable so that they will last a long time.


  • Sometimes they are not as comfortable.

Buyers Guide 


The cost of these products can vary. While the differences in price are not very high, they do vary somewhat. It is important to make sure that you are not overpaying for the product that you’re looking for as you might find that you can get the same product for a much lower price. 

Ensure that you have checked the other things on this list to make sure that you’re not giving up the material you want for the price, but there’s no reason to overspend on this product.


You can get crease protectors in lots of different materials, and this is something that you’ll want to look out for when it comes to choosing the best crease guard for you.

They can be made from either plastic or foam, and the one you choose will depend on personal preference. Many people find that foam crease protectors are the most comfortable. 

You will find that the most comfortable crease protectors usually have ventilation holes in them. This will allow for breathability which comes in handy during the winter months. 


In order to get the most comfort from the crease protectors, you must ensure that you choose the right size protector.It is very important that you get the size that fits your feet and your shoes correctly.

It is very easy to get the correct size in these products. Usually, you will need to get a small size for women’s shoe sizes and a larger size for men. 

If you find that you have purchased a crease protector that doesn’t feel like it fits very well, then you will need to trim them down until you are happy with the size.

Style Of Your Shoe

The best crease protectors have been designed to fit into lots of different types of shoes. However, some will be designed with a particular style of shoe in mind. They may be better suited to certain styles. 

It is important to check the product description to ensure that the product that you are purchasing will fit the footwear that you have purchased them for.


You will want to ensure that you are purchasing a product that is durable. You want to make sure that the product that you are purchasing will last a long time, and not just last one wear.

You should have a look at the material that this is made out of to figure out how durable it is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Shoe Crease Protectors Made Of?

Usually, crease protectors are made from a soft and flexible material that conforms to the shape of your feet. This helps to ensure that the pressure is distributed evenly and will, in turn, prevent the shoes from becoming wrinkled.

Why Should You Get Crease Protectors?

It is a very common situation where people don’t think about creases in their shoes until they start to see them appearing. By the time this has happened, it is too late to prevent the damage to your shoes. 

It can also be painful to have shoes that crease because they can start to rub against your feet. This can happen when you are running or walking. 

There are a few different types of guards that you can buy to protect your shoes from creasing. Some are made from silicone, and others are made from a stiffer material.

Some will attach to the outside of your shoe, and some will slot inside. Whichever type you choose, you should ensure that it is comfortable.

Why Do You Need Crease Protectors?

It is important to keep your shoes looking nice and fresh. You may want to have crease protectors on your shoes to prevent them from ageing quickly and to extend the life of your shoes. 

You can also use these crease protectors on older shoes if you want to make them look a bit fresher and less creased. If you put some of these in your shoes and then give them a quick clean over, you will be amazed with the results!

Where Should I Buy Crease Protectors From?

There are a lot of different places where you can purchase crease protectors. You should make sure that you shop around to get the best price and to make sure that you are purchasing exactly what you need.

Amazon.com is a great place to purchase this product as they have a wide range of products available for you to choose from.

Final Thoughts 

So, there are lots of different crease protectors out there, and it is important to make sure to find the one that suits you best! 

Whether you’re looking for a crease protector to keep your brand new shoes looking new, or you’re looking to improve the look of your older shoes, you will find one that suits you on this list! 

Consider the material, quality, size and lots of other factors to help you decide which crease protection guard to choose. You won’t be disappointed with any of the protectors on this list!