Emerging in 1964, Nike began as Blue Ribbon Sports, a vision brought to life by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in Eugene, Oregon. By 1971, it took on the name we all recognize, inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. From that point, the brand’s iconic swoosh logo, designed by graphic student Carolyn Davidson, began its journey into legendary status.

Bowerman who was a track-and-field coach, wanted athletes to have the best shoes in the game. This philosophy resulted in the innovative Waffle Trainer in the 1970s, which was born out of Bowerman’s experiments with a waffle iron. Nike’s flair for innovation didn’t stop there, from the game-changing Air technology to Flyknit construction, Nike has always been a trailblazer.

Nike’s partnerships with athletes like Michael Jordan and LeBron James have moved beyond the basketball courts. Nike have also collaborated with many artists and designers over the years. With a commitment to breaking barriers and inspiring greatness, Nike continues its pursuit of excellence.

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