What Can I Do If My Nike Air Max Bubble Pops?

Imagine walking outside whilst rocking your favourite pair of Air Max sneakers when you suddenly felt like your sneaker’s cushion started to feel dead and firmer. As you checked your sneaker you hear a squeaking sound from the visible Air unit, it’s probably one of the most heart-breaking moments you could ever experience with your Air Max sneaker. We’re hear to advise you on exactly what you can do if your Nike Air Max bubble pops.

This article looks at the possible ways to get a refund or a warranty with your Air Max sneaker in the event of an air bubble pop. In addition to that we’ll also talk about what you can do when your pair isn’t covered by the warranty anymore and how exactly the put air pressure into those nitrogen bubbles underfoot.

How are Air units manufactured?

In 2018, Nike shared how they put Air in your pair. Working with Tetra Plastics in the late 70s, Nike Air bags are created with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) films that goes through blow molding to reach a specific temperature. The molds are then filled with nitrogen gas that provides the sneaker’s main cushion. See the images below for the quick glimpse at the manufacturing process.

Nike eventually purchased Tetra Plastics in 1991, they moved the headquarters from St. Louis to Beaverton to continue manufacturing the Air soles. In 1998 it was renamed to In-House Manufacturing and had another rename in 2017, now called the Air Manufacturing Innovation. 

Air Max Bubble pops

How often do Air Max units pop?

As time has gone by, Nike has become renowned for iconic innovation with it’s Air Max range, pushing the boundary of what is expected by making air units increasingly visible and exposed. In general air units are usually durable and sturdy with a few exceptions like the Air Max 720 that have been given a bad rep in recent years. With this in mind, on average you can expect a 7-10 year average bubble life life before you may expect to see an air bubble burst.

This calculation then goes up or down based on how long the items are in storage against how long they are on foot as well as the specific Air Max Shoes and Bubble Type. 

But we also know that there’s no perfect pair of shoes and we may encounter one or two defective pairs where average bubble life is considerably less than the 7-10 year estimate. That’s why we are here to help you with some advice that may solve your problems in the event that your Air Max sneaker pops.

When the worst-case scenario happens, here are the possible ways to get a refund on your Air Max sneakers like the Air Max 270, 720, Vapormax, Air Max 90 etc

Nike’s product returns policy

Nike’s two-year warranty promise

Basing on one of Nike’s Return Policy article, Any defective or faulty product has a two-year warranty as long as the manufacturing date inside the tag or any proof of purchase is within two-years. In the event of an air bubble burst or an unexpected defect you can then send your item to Nike for the damage evaluation. if the product is proven defective, Nike will then give you vouchers with the same value as your returned item. Or you may opt for a full refund and purchase something else.

The same goes for any Air Max sneaker, just make sure your product is bought or manufactured within the two-year period to be qualified for evaluation and refunds.

Nike’s Extended Return Policy

All Nike’s products operate with a 60-day return policy. Wherein you can return your item within 60 days as long as the apparel is unused and the shoes aren’t completely damaged.

Check out the links we provided below for more information:

Nike Returns Policy: Link

How do I return my Nike Order? Link

So, you see, nothing to worry about after all, just make sure the damages aren’t intentional and has the right qualifications for returns. If so, then call Nike’s customer support or online chat to discuss more details about refunds and vouchers.

Is there a way to prevent Air Max bubble bursts?

Yeah, there is, don’t wear them and keep them in a box. Just kidding! We’re big believers in wearing all grails! Just like what we stated earlier, Generally air Max units are pretty durable and they won’t pop randomly unless it’s scratched or pierced by a sharp object.

The best thing you can do to make sure it won’t burst is to avoid walking on rough surfaces like rocky places because pebbles can be sharp enough to burst open an exposed Air Max unit when stepped on with a lot of force.

Still thinking of taking Air Max on trails and rugged terrains?  The Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear) Collection could be the best choice for you. They have Air-cushioned shoes that can withstand the rain, mud, or whatever you want to walk through. The Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin is a good choice if you wish to wear one with a large visible Air unit in the heel.

Head on over via the links below and check the latest offerings on ACG.

ACG Shoes: Link

ACG Collection: Link

What to do if my air max shoe aren’t covered by the warranty?

If all else fails and you had your pair for more than two years, there’s really not much you can do as all returns of shoes are now void under warranty. You may take matters into your own hands and fix it DIY style. Although it isn’t advised because you might further damage your pair, it’s still worth taking note of.

Since the Air bubble is basically an inflated plastic, other people tried to fill it with air again using an inflating pump. First they locate the hole, then they stick the needle pin inside the hole as the fill it with air again.

After that, cover the hole with an epoxy or Superglue to stop the leakage.

It may or may not work, but if you’re really keen on wearing your Air Max for a decade, then it’s all up to you.

The best Air Max sneakers in the game right now

The Nike Air Max isn’t going to stop anytime soon, Nike keeps reintroducing it with different renditions and styles to the point that you can’t get enough of it. Having maximum comfort and impact protection combined with insane responsiveness makes this cushioning technology a must-try (and of course, a must-buy!).

Nike Air Max 90

Probably one of the most iconic shoes in the history of sneakers, the Nike Air Max 90 has been widely available on most stores and has been loved by many. With its various colourways, this shoe is a core piece of sneaker history.

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Nike Air Max 95

Another iconic Air Max sneaker, the Air Max 95 features a visible Air in the forefoot and in the heel, giving you a stylish and comfortable sneaker that can turn people’s heads!

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Nike Air Max 97

Inspired by bullet trains, the Air Max 97 has a unique aesthetic as the premium upper is combined with a full-length Air sole unit that can stand out with any outfit!

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Nike Air Max 270

We’ll now head to the modern Air Max sneaker releases, first up, the Nike Air Max 270, released in 2018, the Nike Air Max 270 sports a 270 degree heel Air unit that delivers ultimate comfort. It drew its inspiration on older Air Max models so it still holds a piece of nostalgic history.

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Nike Air Max 2090

Inspired by the Air Max 90, Nike combined the past and future after 30 years in this bold and modern sneaker. Resembling most of Air Max 90’s aesthetics, the 2090 features a larger heel Air unit and a sleek upper for a clean style.

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Nike Air Vapormax

Debuting in 2016, the Vapormax has been a hit with its unique-looking outsole that is literally a full-length Air unit. Ever since then, it has released annually with different materials and an adjusted outsole for a finer tuned Air Max.

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Final Thoughts

With proper care and careful usage, Air Max can last over 10 years without the Air Max bursting, but if you do end up getting a broken Air unit, remember to check the links provided above to have your sneakers evaluated by Nike’s customer support.

If it has been over two years it may be best to bite the bullet and invest in a new pair. Check out the latest Air Max offerings here.