Are Asics Good For Knee Pain – The Answer Is Yes

One of the sad facts of life is that eventually we will all succumb to some sort of pain in our joints and one of the most common is knee pain. Whether this is caused by impact through sport, an accident or something like arthritis – it’s an inevitability. 

However, when you have knee pain, you’ll likely find that a lot of shoes are not helping you and you’re consistently finding it more difficult. Maybe you just want to perform a bit of light training but simply can’t without some better footwear.

As a result, you’ll ask yourself if there are any shoes that are good for knee pain, like Asics. The answer is yes – Asics are a great choice of footwear if you have knee pain.

This is because of their lightweightness and the excellent support they provide in the heel, not to mention they also provide excellent breathing space and the material is comfortable.

But there’s a lot more to know than this, so we’ve written this handy guide which explains everything you need to know about this subject (learn more about Asics here)! Ready to find out more now? Then read on! 

What Are Asics Exactly?

Asics is a Japanese brand known for it’s running and lifestyle sneakers. Originally, Asics made basketball shoes which were for the sole purpose of wearing indoors, however the company quickly moved it’s focus to running and lifestyle shoes.

One of the key things the company was focused on was to make footwear with comfort for the wearer in mind. The primary way Asics do this is the design process. 

Asics footwear is made with a guidesole design using a gel substance for cushioning. This was done through their sports science centre which targeted a scientific approach to footwear. 

As a result, Asics shoes are not only comfortable but they are supportive and help people to carry out their tasks such as sports, sports rehabilitation or gentle walking without any worry of pain or discomfort.

Why Are Asics Good For Knee Pain?

If you have knee pain, most of the time when you walk you will feel the pressure from the ground when you put weight on your foot. This is due to a lack of any support, especially when you are barefoot. 

Partially, this is the reason that specially designed shoes are made in medical centres for people who have broken their toes, because you cannot have a cast made for these bones and simply need a bit of protection. 

Asics provide the same support and comfort from the hard ground and impact zones that these medical shoes do for toes, except they can help to alleviate any severe or slight knee pain you have when you walk or run. 

How Long Will Asics Be Good For Knee Pain?

There’s never going to be an exact answer with this question as it will depend on how often you wear the shoes, what conditions the shoes go through and how well you look after them. 

However, Asics state that generally the gel design is at its peak before one hundred miles of use. Past that, you should expect the performance to drop slightly but you might not notice any real changes for quite some time. 

Other Considerations To Bear In Mind

If you have knee pain, choosing the right shoes is of course going to be your primary concern. However, there are other things you must bear in mind to avoid any further or significant damage. 

Speak To Experts 

When it comes to your health, you should always consult with your doctor about the best course of action, in terms of what to do, wear and how often you should or can exercise. 

Depending on the severity and the nature of your knee pain, your doctor may suggest you only do a specific amount or type of exercise, or you may need to take some medication and wear extra support whilst doing so. 

Another expert to speak with is a member of sports rehabilitation. You can often find these staff members at gyms or health centres. If you are unsure, you can speak with your doctor or look online for the best option. 

Wear Sports Support 

Knee support can be very beneficial depending on what type of knee pain you have. With the right footwear, knee support can protect you from any major impact zones and responses from the ground. 

As always though, it’s best to speak with your doctor first.

Take It Easy

Even with an excellent pair of Asics, you should consider taking it easy and not going right into running a marathon if you have knee pain.

After consulting with your doctor and sports rehabilitation staff, you can find out what the best amount of exercise to do is.

Can I Wear Asics With Arthritis?

Yes, of course. Asics may be designed with sports in mind, but you can always wear them as everyday shoes if you get excellent results from them. As long as you are comfortable and supported, you should be fine with Asics. 

Remember, osteoarthritis is generally caused by wear and tear of the joints, so if you get support for your feet, any pain from your knees, ankles and elsewhere should start to alleviate. 

How Do I Choose The Right Pair Of Asics?

This is a really important question that you need to ask yourself before you buy any pair of shoes.

However, it’s perhaps most important when you’re thinking about getting a great pair of Asics. Here’s what you need to think about.


First, consider if these shoes have enough support for you.

While Asics are well renowned for their design in this area, this is still an important question. Your arch must be supported to decrease any pressure from your feet to your knees.

It’s a good idea to test your chosen pair of Asics first and ensure they feel comfortable and supportive when you’re standing in a neutral position. 


It’s critical that when you buy any pair of Asics, you have got the right size. If you’re ever unsure, you should speak with a consultant or get your feet measured in a shoe shop. If this is not an option, check out our detailed sizing guide.

Where to Buy

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you will find some common frequently asked questions with our answers! 

Are There Any Shoes To Avoid With Knee Pain?

Yes, mostly any shoes that are flat with no cushioning should be avoided. Not only do they lack any sort of support which could help alleviate knee pain, but they can lead to your feet having a cascading effect – which often leads to further pain in other areas. 

Should I Wear Asics Everyday?

To an extent you should, but it depends on what daily activities you take part in. Remember, you will need to allow your feet to breathe properly for both hygiene and comfort reasons anyway. 

The Bottom Line

Asics can indeed help with knee pain but you are always advised to speak with your doctor before you do anything, even if you’ve found the perfect footwear!