Best Adidas Shoes For CrossFit, Weight Training & General Gym Use

When we talk about training shoes, we refer to those designed to carry out aerobic, strength, stretching, or balance training. These activities require the foot to move and flex in different directions and speeds. Depending on the exercise, they will require more effort from different shoe areas, so choosing the right shoe designed to cater for just that is essential to achieve the best performance and to avoid injuries. This article will focus in depth at what are the best adidas shoes for CrossFit, weightlifting & general gym use

The Three Types Of Training Shoe

Broadly speaking, we could say that training shoes are divided into three main categories:

Functional Training Shoes: Offer cushioning, lateral grip, and flexibility for disciplines as varied as gym routines, cross-training, and dance.

Weightlifting shoes: Have the highest heel (can reach 25 mm) to help athletes with squats and protect the Achilles. They are usually made of leather or other resistant materials to secure the position of the foot and include a rigid platform under the heel to offer greater stability.

Walking shoes: Walking long distances, whilst not a sport, definitely requires a decent pair of shoes. This category offers footwear that are usually made with a mesh or some synthetic material on the instep that offers comfort and breathability. The key to a good walking shoe in this category is a great cushioning system alongside a breathable mesh upper that maximises flexibility.

The right shoes will make training much easier and more enjoyable, just as the wrong shoes will make you feel very uncomfortable. Bad shoes can lead not only to blisters and pressure ulcers but also can lead to a stress fracture, sprained ankle, knee injury, strained Achilles tendon, and other serious issues.

Selecting The Right Adidas Training Shoe For Your Specific Activity

Adidas is one of the shoe brands that has taken the needs of athletes very seriously. Providing a wide variety of shoes specialised for heavy lifting, gym training and CrossFit. Designing its garments and footwear, specifically for sports such as football, running, mountain biking, basketball, tennis, weightlifting and even skateboarding. From their personalized research, some of the best shoes have emerged from research and development in some of a wide variety of sports, following personal trainers and working with athletes at the top of their games.

One of the great things about adidas running shoes is that the German company has been able to see the difference between long-distance runners and short-distance runners, those who devour kilometres on the asphalt and those who dedicate their energy in the fields and mountains. Or even those who combine cardio training while running.

What Footwear Should I Wear If I Run Long Distances?

For long-distance runners, adidas has shoes such as the Duramo that provide resistance and have specific soles designed to last longer, while for short-distance runners it offers a wide variety of lightweight shoes more suited to explosive movement such as the adidas Ultraboost.

Lovers of trail running can go in search of their models with specialized design, although they stand out for their ability to combine breathable materials with waterproof fabrics thanks to technology. Mountain running fans will be more than grateful for this double good news. On the other hand, the most novice should take into account a series of simple guidelines to choose the best running shoes which we detail below.

Different shoes for different purposes is definitely where adidas excels with it’s workout shoes. Having different degrees of cushioning focused on specific sports helps adidas provide the perfect athletic shoe for each sport.

What Footwear Should I Wear In The Gym?

We go to detail on our top three choices below for each gym activity, however as an overview, if you are focusing on Heavy Lifts it is vitally important to provide the right cushioning through an Olympic Lifting shoe like the adidas Powerlift 4. If focusing on ease of movement and agility training, we’d recommend a cross-training shoes like the Adidas Asweetrain, to allow adequate protection of the joints, a stable base to work out from and to help reduce the risk of injury.

One of the most attractive options of the German company is its footwear made specifically for the gym. Undoubtedly, their shoes from the weightlifting range are one of the most recommended by coaches for those who want to lift the weight.

Shoes like the adidas Powerlift are easier to put on and take off, they have reinforced areas for the places susceptible to the most wear and add have specific points along the shoe that aid stability. If you know how to choose the best weightlifting belt and understand the technique required to do the a snatch correctly and without injury, you may also be considering a shoe that also helps maintain form.

What Makes A Good CrossFit Shoe?

A great CrossFit shoes is one that is designed with versatility in mind, caters for a wide variety of dynamic movement and has a breathable upper that allows for maximum aerobic activity, without sacrficing comfort. In CrossFit a wide spectrum of workout routines need to be catered for: resistance, agility, strength, flexibility, power, and balance—all in one.

Therefore, the qualities that CrossFit shoes must have are stability, comfort, and lightness. A shoe capable of undergoing hard and very high-intensity training.

Each training shoe must meet three criteria.

Strength and Durability – The shoe must hold the ankles firm, so it must be strong in both the lateral area and the heel. The best option is the shoe lace, which you tighten as needed.

The right sole: The sole of the exercise shoe should be non-slip and elastic to accommodate all movements (such as lunges, and running).

The Right Size and Shape – Pay special attention to size selection. Measure your foot at a specialty store, or look it up and determine the size according to the length of the insole. If you suffer from any problem with your feet, such as flat feet or other ailments, don’t worry.

What are the Best Adidas Shoes For CrossFit?

adidas Duramo

A good alternative in the Adidas catalog for runners is the Duramo, a model with a not excessively high price that remarkably meets the resistance characteristics for those who do many kilometers and devour their shoes. They are light, and flexible, with good cushioning and good breathability, which is a perfect mix for runners.

Where to buy: We recommend buying the adidas Duramo direct from the adidas site HERE.

adidas Asweetrain

The Adidas Asweetrain is ones of the latest addition to the cross trainer line, which achieves a perfect balance between price and performance with this model. With a design that does not go unnoticed, these shoes offer everything you can expect from a great cross-Training shoe: stability, support, and cushioning for all the movements you make while training. A good investment for those who are looking for mixed use shoes.

Where to buy: We recommend buying the adidas Asweetrain direct from the adidas site HERE.

adidas FluidFlow 2.0

Adidas has designed the CrazyPower Trainer model to use in any CrossFit session. Providing power and stability in all exercises, including heavy weights, agility drills and the broad spectrum of fitness equipment. The upper is ultra-breathable with a bouncy midsole perfect for hard floors.

Where to buy: We recommend buying the adidas FluidFlow 2.0 direct from the adidas site HERE.

What Makes A Great Weight Lifting Shoe?

The first thing that everyone notices when putting on weightlifting shoes, compared to other types of sports shoes, is the elevation of the heel. This feature is one of its main advantages since it allows athletes to bend over more effectively due to the wide range of movement of the ankles.

Having an elevated heel will allows the athlete to feel more comfortable when bending over, also improving their posture in general, keeping the spine straighter and, therefore, reducing the chances of suffering a lower back injury. A better position also means that the athlete will be able to move the bar more effectively, using the full power of the lower, middle, and upper body muscles.

A good weightlifting shoe should have four main features:

  • Flat sole Unlike other sports shoes, weightlifting shoes do not have any indentations.
  • Hard sole Also, unlike other types of sports shoes, weightlifting shoes are not flexible at all. It is a hard shoe.
  • Velcro This is not necessary, but it is important that the shoe holds the foot very well.
  • Heel Weightlifting shoes have a bit of a heel. It is important to have a good position when doing squats.

What Are The Best Adidas Shoes For Weight Lifting?

Adidas Powerlift 5

Wearing Adidas Powerlift 5 shoes, you should notice the key difference when doing weightlifting exercises in the squat rack. It will increase your power and performance since it offers you great stability thanks to the wedge midsole and the adjustable band that it incorporates on the instep.

In addition, its rubber sole will give you the best traction for heavy weight lifting exercises.

Where to buy: We recommend buying the adidas Powerlift 5 direct from the adidas site HERE.

Adidas Powerlift 4

Inspired by Olympic weightlifting shoes, these Adidas Powerlift Trainer are shoes specifically designed for heavy lifts. They feature a locking strap over the laces for that lockdown fit, a stable EVA midsole, and a special plate and heel support designed to distribute your weight evenly.

Where to buy: We recommend buying direct the adidas Powerlift 4 trainer direct from the adidas site HERE.

Key Features:

  • Mesh and synthetic upper for lightweight comfort.
  • Velcro strap over the laces for a secure fit and heel support.
  • Molded EVA sock liner for lightweight cushioning.
  • Patterned outsole for added grip.

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II

Another great option is the Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II to provide a stable foundation to aid perfect lifting form whether focusing on Olympic lifts or just using basic equipment. This Adidas weightlifting shoe features a reinforced upper that fits your foot like a glove and an EVA midsole that gives you the support you need to ensure deadlift form. The laces and the Velcro strap on the instep guarantee a perfect fit. The flexible forefoot offers enough toe room so you can comfortably lift even the heaviest loads.

Where to buy: We recommend buying the adidas Adipower Weightlifting II direct from the adidas site HERE.

What Are The Best Adidas Shoes For General Gym use?

For general gym use, perhaps if you are doing a mix of running, body weight exercises and short bursts of activity, something like the adidas Ultraboost or anything with a boost sole, such as the adidas NMD is recommended. For a more detailed look at the Ultraboost’s cushioning technology, you may want to check out our article on Is the Adidas Ultraboost the most comfortable sneaker of all time?

Alternatively one of the most popular training shoes on the market at a fraction of the cost is the adidas Duramo. They are light, flexible, and stand out for their outstanding comfort which makes them ideal for training in the gym or in active exercises thanks to their lateral reinforcements and cushioning. In addition, they tend to last a long time being one of the most resistant workout shoes on the market.

Shop the Ultraboost HERE and the adidas Duramo HERE.


Choosing the right adidas shoe for weight lifting, running or crossfit is is essential to reduce the chance of injury and maximise comfort and form during exercise. We hope that this article will help you to choose the appropriate adidas shoes for your weight lifting goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adidas shoes the best shoes for CrossFit?

Adidas has a lot of styles specifically for CrossFit, so it is without a doubt one of the best options when it comes to buying good CrossFit shoes. It is important to buy the correct shoe to fit your training intentions, to avoid getting injured during training and maximise performance. 

What should I look for in a CrossFit shoe?

CrossFit shoes must meet three criteria: strength, durability and the right cushioning technology. You then need to consider size, shape and style. 

Should I wear socks with my CrossFit shoes?

Yes, wearing socks with CrossFit shoes is highly recommended. The main five benefits are as follows: re are some of the benefits:

  1. Additional protection for your foot
  2. Improves blood flow
  3. Greater stability
  4. reduces fatigue
  5. keeps your feet cool

Are Adidas NMD good for the gym?

The Adidas NMD is one of the most popular adidas shoes on the market, known to bring ultimate comfort and convenience while running or walking the streets of the city. Inspired by 80s style, the design is enriched with the latest Adidas technologies including a Boost technology in the midsole, with the upper made of synthetics and textiles that lightly wraps around the foot like a sock.

For general body weight training and running they make an excellent choice as a versatile gym shoe, but we wouldn’t recommend them for heavy lifts or long distance running.

Are Adidas Ozweego good for the gym?

With their futuristic design lines, Adidas Ozweego unisex lifestyle sneakers combine the style of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Seemingly large, they are surprisingly soft and light for every day use and would be a reasonable choice for basic gym use. The upper retains freshness with a top made of a combination of suede, mesh, and TPU material. Targeted support in the front of the foot and on the heel allows you to feel firm on your feet, throughout the day.

Are Adidas Ultraboost good for the gym?

Adidas Ultraboost were originally designed as a running shoes, so they are definitely a great option for the gym. One of the keys to this fit is Primeknit, that’s what the Adidas fabric is called and it’s made up of a series of intertwined fibers that fit the foot very well, but also give certain freedom of movement. This combined with the boost technology underfoot make this shoe a great option for everyday gym use.

Are Adidas shoes good for weightlifting?

Adidas has a lot of models for weightlifting, like we mentioned above, silhouettes such as the Adidas Powerlift 4 or the adidas powerlifter trainer shoes meet all the requirements for excellent weightlifting shoes.

Can i squat in adidas shoes?

Yes, you can. There are a few adidas weightlifting shoes designed specifically for heavy lifts such as squats and deadlifts. Weightlifting shoes, having a slightly elevated heel and a hard sole, increase stability and help you push harder. A great option would be the Adidas Powerlift 4.

Are Adidas Gazelle good for weightlifting?

No, the adidas Gazelle is not good for weightlifting. Weightlifting shoes should have an elevated heel that the Gazelle does not have. The Gazelle is a classic lifestyle shoe for everyday wear and should not be used if you are serious about weight training!best adidas shoes for crossfit, weight training and gym