Ultra 4D

The Ultra 4D by adidas: Revolutionising Running Comfort and Efficiency

Adidas has launched the Ultra 4D, a product of 17 years of relentless research, exploring over 5 million lattice structures to create a running shoe that efficiently propels the runner forward like never before. This innovation doesn’t merely extend its predecessors’ legacy; it introduces a 3D-printed midsole that heralds a new chapter in footwear technology.

At the core of the Ultra 4D is its unique midsole, crafted through 3D printing to distribute pressure evenly across the foot, ensuring a balance of support and cushioning. The lattice structure varies in density, offering firmer support in crucial areas and softer cushioning where needed, for optimal comfort with every step.

Adidas’s signature PRIMEKNIT material shapes the shoe’s upper, ensuring a fit that’s not only snug but also responsive to every movement of the foot, providing a level of support that feels customised. This material choice elevates the shoe’s comfort and adds to its aesthetic appeal, making the Ultra 4D a standout addition to any sneaker enthusiast’s collection.

The Ultra 4D transforms running dynamics by targeting midsole support zones to reduce braking forces, turning the energy from each impact into forward momentum. The experience is akin to gliding, offering a smoother transition that minimises the jarring effects of running on hard surfaces.

Adidas has also engineered the outsole with durable rubber to ensure reliable traction across various weather conditions, making every run as secure as it is thrilling, regardless of the weather.

The Ultra 4D marks a significant advancement in running footwear, embodying a leap into the future of athletic performance technology. It achieves an ideal blend of support, cushioning, and stability, presented in a design that exudes both personality and style.

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