Y-3 Superstar

The Y-3 Superstar is a remarkable evolution of the iconic Adidas Superstar, a collaboration between Adidas and Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. When the Adidas Superstar was first introduced in 1969, it revolutionized the world of basketball footwear with its rubber shell-toe design. Over the decades, it transitioned into a streetwear staple, beloved for its timeless style and comfort. The Y-3 Superstar takes this foundational classic and elevates it through Yohji Yamamoto’s avant-garde lens.

In the Y-3 version, the Superstar undergoes a transformation that explores the boundaries of shape, proportion, and functionality. Keeping the signature shell-toe and three-stripe branding, introduces luxe materials, unique textures, and details that offer a more sophisticated and contemporary feel. Whether it’s the integration of unexpected materials like neoprene or suede, or a subtle tweak to the shoe’s silhouette, this collaboration delivers a fashion-forward take on a sportswear classic. The Y-3 Superstar effectively merges Adidas’ sports heritage with high-fashion sensibilities, making it a versatile addition to both athletic and style-driven wardrobes.

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