Air Jordan 2

This silhouette always comes to mind whenever we think of underrated Air Jordans. The Air Jordan 2 may not be the most popular Air Jordan model, but it sure is one of the fanciest pairs. We wonder what could’ve been if Michael Jordan didn’t get injured and enjoyed wearing the AJ2!

Jordan Brand has a long history back when it was still part of Nike. But not everything turned out to be a good story as Michael Jordan dealt with adversity such as injuries and losses. However, no matter what anyone thinks of the Jordan 2, the brand is still out here showing appreciation for the shoe.

Nike hit the jackpot when they signed a rookie Michael Jordan in 1984. In the following year, his signature shoe, the Air Jordan 1, debuted. His gravity-defying dunks and aerial manoeuvres caught a lot of attention, and so all eyes are now on Michael Jordan.

MJ, unfortunately, broke his left foot in the third game of his second season. He missed most of the season, and also never really got the chance to rock the Air Jordan 1 as much as the first.

Nike introduced the Air Jordan 2 in November 1986 as more styles came out in the succeeding year.

Jordan Brand finally gave the AJ2 another chance and released a bunch of old and new colourways. Multiple collabs also arose in the past few years.

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