Air Jordan 37

The Air Jordan 37 has garnered significant attention in discussions about basketball shoes, firmly establishing itself as the top choice in the Air Jordan signature line. In a remarkable collaboration between Jordan Brand and Nike’s Sport Research Lab, both teams meticulously designed the AJ37 to cater to the three crucial stages of jumping: crash, load, and launch. They seamlessly integrated innovative technologies into the shoe to effectively address each of these phases.

They incorporated the flagship foam, Formula 23, which works hand in hand with a TPU mold in the heel to absorb the impact from hard landings during the crash phase. For the load phase, Jordan Brand brought back its carbon fiber midfoot shank, a feature last seen in the Air Jordan 32. To ensure a smooth launch, the shoe combines a Zoom Air strobel unit with an additional forefoot unit.

Beyond its excellent performance attributes, the AJ37 features an advanced upper crafted with Lenoweave technology, incorporating Arkema yarn known for its strength and flexibility. This design draws inspiration from the AJ VII and the traditional craftsmanship of West African basket weaving. Moreover, the upper includes support zones that mimic the arrangement of sandal straps and ankle tape, providing both necessary containment and a unique, handcrafted touch to the shoe’s overall design.

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