True Flight

The Jordan True Flight takes its design inspiration from the celebrated AJ7, offering a unique combination of classic Jordan style and modern functionality.

Crafted from a mix of genuine and synthetic leathers, the True Flight is built for both durability and structural integrity. This material choice ensures that the sneaker can withstand regular wear while retaining its form and visual appeal, a nod to the enduring legacy of the Jordan brand. The design, with clear influences from the AJ7, includes specific silhouette elements and details that pay homage to its origins.

Key to the True Flight is its focus on comfort. It features a full-length Air-Sole unit, providing lightweight cushioning that’s essential for day-long wear. This cushioning system is particularly beneficial for those who need a sneaker that easily transitions from casual settings to more active environments. The internal fit sleeve enhances the shoe’s comfort, offering a secure fit that’s easy to manage, ensuring both stability and ease of wear.

Further enhancing the comfort is the combination of a heel Air unit and robust foam in the midsole. This dual-cushioning setup guarantees a soft, comfortable experience with every step, whether you’re on the move in urban settings or engaging in light sports.

Overall, the Jordan True Flight is a versatile sneaker that strikes a balance between the classic appeal of Jordan’s heritage and the practicality of modern sneaker technology.

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