Air Adjust Force

The Nike Air Adjust Force, introduced in 1996, brought innovation and personalization to the basketball footwear scene with its unique interchangeable strap system. Designed by Eric Avar, this shoe featured high-quality materials like full-grain leather and Durabuck in its construction. The standout feature was the patented FitWrap stability strap that users could easily swap out for different colors to match their team’s aesthetics or daily attire. Furthermore, wearers had the option to play without the strap for a distinct on-court experience.

Notably, there were two models offering this strap-swapping capability: the Air Adjust Force and the Air Modify Force. The former, designed by Eric Avar, boasted a lightweight Phylon midsole, cushioning from Max2 heel Air-Sole and forefoot Air-Sole units, and released in both men’s and women’s versions during the summer of 1996. The latter, designed by Wilson Smith III, shared key features with the Adjust, including the FitWrap strap and premium materials.

In 2022, AMBUSH, under the creative direction of Yoon Ahn, collaborated with Nike to resurrect the Air Adjust Force. This modern revival maintained the original essence while making subtle adjustments, like lowering the cut and incorporating Nike Grind into the midsoles for enhanced comfort. Custom branding on the heels added a unique touch to these sneakers. Importantly, the FitWrap straps remained removable, allowing wearers to effortlessly change their look or achieve a sleeker style. This collaboration seamlessly blended nostalgia from the ’90s with contemporary fashion sensibilities, revitalizing the Air Adjust Force and solidifying its enduring appeal in the world of footwear.

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