Air Huarache Plus

The Nike Air Huarache Plus, originally launched in 1991 by Tinker Hatfield, represents an important evolution in the Huarache series, blending iconic design with modern updates. Inspired by the functionality of South American sandals and the fit of neoprene water-ski boots, this sneaker quickly made its mark both on the basketball courts and in street style, becoming a footwear icon.

This version of the Air Huarache Plus maintains a classic, runner-inspired silhouette, featuring a mix of materials and a palette of rich neutrals that strike a balance between nostalgic and fresh. Its design, notable for the absence of the prominent Swoosh logo, focuses on unique elements like the stretchy fabric that hugs the foot and a futuristic heel cage, maintaining the original Huarache’s signature look.

The updated Air Huarache Plus, building on its 1993 version, boasts a robust sole and a web-like exterior. The addition of a mid-foot strap crossing the ankle enhances both the aesthetic and functionality of the shoe. The neoprene interior bootie, a staple since the early Huarache models, continues to provide a snug, comfortable fit.

Patta’s recent collaboration brings a contemporary twist to the Air Huarache Plus, fusing it with features from the Zoom-cushioned Air Pegasus 40 sole. This hybrid, part of the Patta x Nike Air Huarache 20Y24 Pack, demonstrates Patta’s knack for integrating modern elements while honouring the shoe’s rich heritage. The use of the Pegasus 40 sole not only improves performance but also aligns with a cost-effective approach.

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